Zeenea Product Updates

January 2022: Zeenea Product Spotlight

New relations graph, audit trails on catalog activities and four new connectors!

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October 2021: Zeenea Product Spotlight

New permission management models, better search experiences, and new connectors!

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Feature Note - Permission Sets Model

Keep your data teams organized and efficient by ensuring every user can modify the right assets!

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July 2021: Zeenea Product Spotlight

Better business glossary exploration, enrich even more your object’s descriptions, and new connectors!

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June 2021: Zeenea Product Spotlight

Allow your data stewards to be more autonomous and get better insights on their data

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January 2021: Zeenea Product Spotlight

Confidentiality, knowledge graphs and exploration will bring satisfaction to your data stewards and your data teams in 2021

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August 2020: Zeenea Product Spotlight

Your data teams will love Zeenea Explorer, our new data discovery app

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June 2020: Zeenea Product Spotlight

New items & connectors and even more automation 

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July 2019: Zeenea Product Spotlight

New assets, business terms & connectors

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Product launch: Zeenea Explorer

We are pleased to announce the launch of Zeenea Explorer, the data discovery application of our data catalog

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Feature Note - Business Glossary

With Zeenea, find all your organization’s information assets and their definitions in our Business Glossary Feature! 

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Feature Note - Data Discovery

Zeenea inventories and exposes from its interface all the datasets available in the requested database. 

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Feature Note - Metadata Management

Catalog, manage, and search for and discover your organization’s metadata in our metadata management platform.

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Feature Note - Metamodel Templates

Zeenea automatically captures and updates technical and operation metadata from an enterprise’s data sources in its data catalog.

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See all of our connectors!

In order to build the next-gen metadata management solution, Zeenea is constantly developing new connectors.

New connector: Snowflake

Zeenea provides Snowflake customers with advanced data management features in order to build a single point of trustful information for simple and efficient data discovery for data teams.


New connector: Google Cloud Platform

Embed a powerful data catalog on your Google Cloud Architecture


New connector: Amazon Web Services

Embed a powerful data catalog on your AWS Architecture

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