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The application for data management teams to manage, maintain,
and enrich the documentation of their enterprise’s data.

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Data Managers And Data Producers Work With Zeenea Studio

Zeenea Studio makes life easier for Data Managers & Data Producers

Document your data with ease

Zeenea Studio was designed for the data management teams for all types of organizations. It allows them to manage, maintain, and enrich the documentation of their enterprise data assets. Our platform offers total customization, with powerful automation and suggestion capabilities that simplify your life!

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Index any data, any asset, anywhere

With the explosion of digital services, you deal with the ever-increasing volumes of information. In response to this challenge, Zeenea inventories within its platform all your data assets (datasets, data processes, business terms, visualizations, etc.) and their metadata by directly synchronizing them from your sources.

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Improve your data documentation with smart suggestions

Use smart suggestions to enrich your data documentation. From your Watchlists, perform similarity analysis between objects, detect anomalies, mark personal or sensitive data, update information lineage, and more.

Manage your documentation over time

Structure your asset documentation to meet the needs of your data teams and business users over time. With simple drag and drop features, create documentation templates for each asset type the way that best suits you. Define which properties are mandatory or optional, which information should be filled in, and which should be accessible from the platform’s search engine.
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Knowledge Graph Studio

Build a powerful knowledge graph

Get a 360° view of your data assets and their relationships: all the links, associations and similarities generated on the platform allow you to build a powerful knowledge graph. It will help you improve the semantic context of your objects and assist you in their exploration on a daily basis.

Monitor your documentation indicators from your dashboard

Log into your custom dashboard to visualize your your data documentation metrics at a glance and easily access the assets that require a specific action.
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zeenea Explained #2

A flexbile & adaptable metamodel

In under three minutes, Ole Olesen-Bagneux, author of ‘The Enterprise Data Catalog’ (O’Reilly) and Chief Evangelist at Zeenea, shares the how and why of Zeenea’s design, architecture, and technological choices through Zeenea Explained Series.

In this episode, learn about our Data Steward Productivity app, Zeenea Studio. 

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Discover the right information, at the right time

With Zeenea Explorer, offer your teams a unique data discovery experience – whether they are data experts or business users.
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Product Updates

Check out the latest Zeenea features, connectors and innovations.

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