Zeenea Data Discovery Platform Pricing

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  • x5 Data Stewards
  • Unlimited Data Explorers
  • x2 Connectors
  • x1 Production instance (under SLA)
  • x1 Single sign-on (SSO)
  • x1 Dev instance
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Customer Support
  • All Zeenea Studio features
  • All Zeenea Explorer features

Scale fast



  • Enterprise Data Marketplace
  • Federated Data Catalogs
  • Additional Production instance(s)
  • Additional Dev instance(s)
  • Additional SSO
  • Additional Data Steward(s)
  • Additional Connectors
  • Premium ERP/CRM Scanner(s)

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What do you mean by Data Stewards?

Data Stewards are members of the organization who can edit/manage the catalog, its parameters, and the documentation of your company information. You can create your own permission sets to customize your curator roles (e.g. Super Admin, Data Analyst, etc.).

What do you mean by Data Explorers?

Data Explorers are members of the organization who have access to and can search in the catalog, discover its documentation, and collaborate with peers.

What is Zeenea Studio?
Zeenea Studio is the application that enables data management teams (Data Stewards) to manage, maintain, and enrich the documentation of their company’s data assets. More info here.
What is Zeenea Explorer?
Zeenea Explorer is the application that offers a unique search experience for your users to quickly find the right information. Access a user-friendly interface and customized exploration paths to make data discovery more efficient. More info here.
What are the data sources that Zeenea can connect to?

Our metadata management platform’s universal connectivity connects to all your data sources, your favorite apps and tools, and integrates your information automatically with our robust APIs. Find out more about our connectors here.

What does the Onboarding & Training include?

To help you set up your data discovery platform, we offer professional support from our data management experts. The Onboarding & Training is mandatory and includes five workshops that will enable you to configure your scanner(s) and connections, define your metamodel as well as possible, train your users, model and integrate your data, and learn to use the APIs.

Is Zeenea 100% cloud-based or can it be deployed on-premise?

Zeenea is a 100% cloud-based platform, which significantly reduces our customer’s implementation and maintenance costs compared to on-premise settings. Accredited with the SOC 2® for service organizations, our SaaS metadata management platform meets the highest standards in terms of security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.

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