Feature Note – Business Glossary

Tired of not knowing what your data means? Are you finding yourself having to go to specific people to get information on a certain business term?

With Zeenea, find all your organization’s information assets and their definitions in our Business Glossary Feature!

What is a Business Glossary?

A business glossary makes it possible to define terms used within an enterprise. It is a trusted reference business “dictionary” in an organization.

Its main objectives, among others, are to:

  • Use the same definitions and create a common language between all employees,
  • Have a better understanding and collaboration between business and IT teams,
  • Associate business terms to other assets in the enterprise and offer an overview of their different connections,
  • Elaborate and share a set of rules regarding data governance.


Integrating a Business Glossary in Zeenea

Our business glossary feature was developed to answer our clients’ needs: to link a business term to another informational asset. With Zeenea:

  • Automatically connects and imports your glossaries and dictionaries through our APIs
  • Or, manually create your enterprise business glossaries directly in Zeenea’s interface!

In the same way as you can for any given dataset, visualize your business terms in the “Glossary” tab. These new assets can be:

  • documented (descriptions, tags, properties, etc.)
  • linked to one or many contacts
  • indexed in our search engine
  • affiliated to a field in a dataset’s schema

In Zeenea Studio, your Data Steward can manually or with our intelligent suggestions, confirm one or more business terms to a field. This information can be documented and viewed on the field page of a dataset.

You can also view links between business terms and specific fields in our Glossary page. On this page, the “fields” tab shows all of the fields related to the selected business terms.


This lets your data users in Zeenea Explorer have access to all your Glossary terms (now available directly on the Explorer homepage!) to be able to quickly understand the data they need for their use cases. 

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