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Product Release – April 2023

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Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of. 

Our newest features:

A brand new homepage for Zeenea Explorer!

The Zeenea Explorer homepage has evolved! We’ve refined its design so that the search bar doesn’t take up so much space and offers data users new exploration paths for even quicker data discovery. Now, browse and explore your catalog by Topic, Item Type, and Glossary Items in just one click.

Coming soon: Stay on the lookout, a brand new results page in the Explorer will be available at the next product release 👀


New Zeenea Explorer Homepage 2023

More improvements on the Lineage user experience

In our last Product Release, we significantly updated the user experience of our data lineage graph. Not only did we simplify its design and layout, but we also made it possible for users to display only the first level of lineage, expand and close the lineage on demand, and get a highlighted view of the direct lineage of a selected Item.

Now, we’ve made even more improvements! Indeed, at Zeenea, we aim to develop a platform that is as simple and user-friendly as possible. For this reason, we’ve enhanced our lineage graph so users can:

  • Expand or reduce all lineage levels in one click,
  • Hide the data processes that don’t have at least one input and one output,
  • Easily view the connections via a tooltip for connections that have long names.


New Lineage Enhancements Zeenea Studio

A better search performance for more efficiency

To improve the search experience for Explorer users, we’ve removed frequent words that aren’t pertinent for your search (pronouns, articles, prepositions) on descriptions to improve the keyword highlight relevance.

Orphan fields deletion

Ensure your data catalog is always up-to-date by better managing your orphan fields. With this enhancement, it is now possible in Zeenea Studio to remove orphan fields when your datasets’ schemas change.

To delete orphan fields, go to the orphan field’s detailed page or bulk delete them from the Catalog section.


Orphan Field Details

New connector!


Zeenea can now connect to:


Aws Athena Logo

Amazon Athena is an interactive and serverless query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3. Accessible to anyone, business analysts and other data specialists – not just developers and engineers – can conduct queries using easy and straightforward Standard SQL queries.

Easily inventory and identify your datasets based on your AWS objects via the new AWS Athena connector!

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