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Zeenea provides a metadata management solution that enables Data Producers to overcome the challenges associated with handling increasingly large volumes of data. Our platform helps maximize the value of enterprise data by reducing the time spent on complex and time-consuming documentation tasks, and by breaking data silos to increase enterprise data knowledge.

With our solution, curate, document, and monitor your data landscape to maximize data discovery for your data & analytics teams.

Zeenea For Data Producers

One platform for all types of Data Producers

  • Data StewardsData Stewards
  • Data OwnersData Owners
  • Data CustodiansData Custodians
  • Process OwnersProcess Owners

Why Data Producers choose Zeenea

Connect to all your data sources

Zeenea offers a broad range of native data source connectors to centralize all enterprise information. Through our APIs and scanners, our platform automatically retrieves and collects metadata to always ensure that your data is up-to-date. Zeenea’s smart data inventory enables users to identify all enterprise data’s provenance, context, and uses.

Platform Connectors
Automate Time Consuming Tasks

Automate time-consuming tasks

Our powerful automated documentation capabilities enable Data Producers to maximize data value in the organization. Create modular metamodel templates for your data objects, get tag suggestions on your personal data, and get recommendations on the sensitivity level and additional properties to add to your fields via AI and machine learning technologies.

Ensure the right people are accessing the right data

Zeenea provides data producers with permission-set models that facilitate the categorization of the different types of catalog users. Assign read-only, edition, and admin rights in all or different parts of the catalog to not only ensure a secure catalog but also save time when data consumers need to find an asset’s referent.

Ensure The Right People Are Accessing The Right Data
Mesure Monitor Progress

Mesure & monitor progress

Zeenea’s dashboards give data producers visibility and insights into catalog activity. Check the completion levels of your documentation, the most frequently accessed and searched-for catalog items, and the connectivity status of your catalog.

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