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GDRP: What is trending in 2019?

The Big Data market has greatly evolved since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018, from which new partnerships were formed, new technologies were developed, and start-ups started taking off.  Nevertheless, this is just the beginning! In 2019 so far,...

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Understanding the different Data Cultures

Just like corporate or organizational culture, each enterprise that deals with data has its own data culture. We believe that what distinguishes Web Giants isn’t the structure of their governance, but the culture that irrigates and animates this organization. At Zeenea, we believe in putting in...

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Feature note #5 – Business Glossary

WHAT IS A BUSINESS GLOSSARY? A business glossary makes it possible to define terms used within an enterprise. It is a trusted reference business “dictionary” in an organization. Its main objectives, among others, are to: Use the same definitions and create a common language between all employees,...

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What is a Chief Data Officer

According to a Gartner study presented at the Data & Analytics conference in London 2019, 90% of large companies will have a CDO by 2020! With the arrival of Big Data, many companies find themselves with colossal amounts of data without knowing how to exploit them. In response to this...

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