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Product Release – January 2023

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Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of. 

Our newest features:

Enhanced user experience for detailed Item pages in Zeenea Explorer

Quickly find the information you need through our more enhanced page contrasts!

Zeenea has improved the user experience for the detailed view of cataloged Items in the Explorer app – Information is more condensed and uses a single-page approach to group the most important details of an Item.

New Item Detail Page Zeenea Explorer

Export (even more) metadata from your sources

Get even more context on your Items by harvesting more source information when exporting them in the catalog such as:

  • Its properties
  • Associated contacts
  • Field-specific information


Export Source Metadata Zeenea Studio

Automate imports for catalog Items

Automatically import new Datasets in the catalog from specific connections without any human curation. 
Auto Import Zeenea Studio 2

New connectors

Zeenea can now connect to:



Cloud Data Integration processes data transformations in real-time or batch, using a variety of transformation types like aggregation, cleansing, masking, filtering, parsing, and more. It facilitates complex hierarchical documents that can be read and written without code.

Start documenting your Informatica data processes with Zeenea’s automated lineage reconstruction feature!

Databricks Logo

Databricks is a cloud-based collaborative data science, data engineering, and data analytics platform that combines warehouses and data lakes into a lakehouse architecture. Databricks stores its metadata into different metastores. Use our connector to connect with your dedicated Databricks Hive Metastore.

Easily source metadata from your Databricks Hive Metastore data infrastructure in Zeenea’s Data Catalog!

Polardb Logo

PolarDB is a next-generation Cloud-native database that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. This service separates computing from storage and uses integrated software and hardware. It is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

Use our connectors to collect your metadata from your databases hosted on the Alibaba cloud!

sap connector

Data Lineage on SAP BW

Zeenea now offers lineage capabilities on SAP BW information for SAP BW users. Identify the internal lineage between SAP Objects such as BW Queries and InfoCubes.

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