Customer & Professional Services

Helping our customers succeed in their data-driven projects

At Zeenea, we’re dedicated to the success of our customers throughout every stage of their journey, from initial project conception to full-scale deployment and beyond. Our team of experienced Customer Success Managers is committed to providing personalized support tailored to your needs.

Customer And Professional Services

Customer Service Activities

Upon subscribing to Zeenea, you’re assigned with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who serves as your primary point of contact throughout your journey. Your CSM provides comprehensive support and ensures smooth communication between you and Zeenea. Our customer services include:

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Full access to the Support Portal
Gain unlimited access to our support portal and dedicated technical support team.

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Key Onboarding Meetings
Kickstart your journey with Zeenea through key onboarding meetings, including a kickoff session, a success plan meeting to outline your project’s objectives and KPIs, and weekly support meetings to address any immediate concerns.

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Monthly Follow-Up Meetings
Stay on track with monthly follow-up meetings to assess project progress, discuss implemented features, gather feedback, and address any challenges or pain points.

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Quarterly Strategic Business Reviews
Engage in strategic discussions during quarterly business reviews, where we evaluate project achievements, outline long-term roadmap plans, and provide insights into our product vision.

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Ad Hoc Meetings
Benefit from ad hoc meetings throughout the year to explore new features, address specific service needs, and participate in feature design sessions.

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Special Events
Join our community through special events such as user club meetups, partner meetings, and our annual customer event the Zeenea Exchange.

Additional Professional Services

As a valued customer, you have the opportunity to access a range of additional professional services tailored to your specific needs.

A Comprehensive Onboarding Program

Our comprehensive onboarding program ensures a smooth transition to Zeenea’s platform. Starting with a kickoff meeting, we discuss your organization’s requirements, objectives, and validate the project perimeter and governance. Through collaborative discussions, we identify potential challenges and outline a customized success plan with clear milestones to help guide you in your rollout journey with a value driven approach.

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from technical assistance, including support for setting up SSO and scanner configurations, as well as training sessions and metamodel workshops, designed to equip your team with the necessary skills to effectively use our solution. We maintain consistent communication through weekly follow-up meetings to provide ongoing support throughout your onboarding process.

A Comprehensive Onboarding Porgram
Metamodel Audit

Metamodel Audit

Our Metamodel Audit service aims to assess and improve your organization’s data framework. Through comprehensive user interviews and in-depth analysis, we review your current metamodel configuration to identify potential areas for improvement and pinpoint associated migration paths tailored to address your organization’s needs and challenges. Moreover, we provide you with actionable recommendations to optimize your data framework, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and enhances your overall data management practices.

Adoption Booster

Our Adoption Booster service is designed to maximize the adoption rate of the Zeenea platform. We conduct a 360° analysis of your company’s data ecosystem, including existing communities, tools, and overall maturity level. Through interviews with various stakeholders, we develop a structured plan aimed at enriching the catalog(s)’ content and implementing effective communication strategies to drive adoption.

Adoption Booster
Api Integration Training

API Integration or Training

Zeenea offers two extensive services to support your API needs. Our API Integration services entail collaborative workshops with your team to comprehend your project’s architecture and objectives: through 2 to 3 workshops, we identify your data sources and devise a plan based on our API. Our API Training services provide hands-on learning sessions to acquaint you with Zeenea’s API: these sessions include an introduction to GraphQL, a breakdown of our API’s features, and practical exercises in Python or Java to develop your own scripts.

Extended Zeenea Training Sessions

To ensure your team is self-sufficient from day one, Zeenea provides intensive training sessions. We offer tailored training for each role, including end users (Zeenea Explorers), contributors (Zeenea Stewards), metadata management administrators, and technical administrators. These sessions, spanning from half a day to one day, are designed to provide practical exercises and equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilize Zeenea for their specific roles.

Extended Zeenea Training Sessions
In Depth Workshops

In-depth workshops

Elevate your project’s success and maximize the potential of your data initiatives through in-depth and customized workshops. Following these sessions, you’ll receive a detailed summary and actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing your data catalog and/or data marketplace project. Our workshops include:

  • Data Awareness TrainingData Awareness Training
  • Data Maturity AnalysisData Maturity Analysis
  • Data Office Organization AnalysisData Office Organization Analysis
  • Data Community OrganizationData Community Organization

Professional Services On-Demand

Our objective is to offer you the flexibility to access help or advice from a Zeenea expert whenever you require it during your project. With our on-demand service, you can acquire a set number of days for assistance and choose which service you need, whenever you need it. Whether it’s training, consulting, or any other service, you have the freedom to allocate these days based on your project’s evolving needs.

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