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Zeenea provides an intelligent data discovery platform that supports metadata management applications from search and exploration to data governance, compliance, and cloud transformation initiatives.

Zeenea Platform Architecture

Universal connectivity

Zeenea connects to all your data sources in seconds.

Our platform’s built-in scanners and APIs enable organizations to automatically collect, consolidate, and link metadata from their data ecosystem. Our connectivity includes a wide variety of data sources such as the Cloud, ERP/CRM, NoSQL, Processing, Relational, Visualization, and more.

Platform Connectors
Platform Cloud

Cloud-native design

Our data discovery platform is cloud-native and developed as-a-Service (SaaS) to help enterprises reduce risks, optimize costs, and simplify data access across the organization. Our architecture makes it easy for you to deploy a variety of environments in the cloud – hybrid, inter-cloud, or multi-cloud.

Powered by knowledge graph technologies

Our platform is powered by enhanced knowledge graph capabilities, providing rich and in-depth search results, optimized data discovery, and intelligent recommendations. Through machine learning algorithms, it provides structure for all your data and enables the creation of multilateral relations between your data assets.

Platform Knowledge Graph


Zeenea is SOC 2 Type II compliant, assuring our customers that our security program is properly designed and working effectively to protect their data.

ISO/IEC 27001

Keeping our customers’ data safe and secure has always been a top priority at Zeenea and the ISO 27001 standard confirms and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest data security standards.

Iso 27001

One platform, two dedicated apps


Document your assets with ease and automation

Zeenea Studio is the application that enables data management teams to manage, maintain, and enrich the documentation of their company’s data assets.

Zeenea Studio Dashboard
Zeenea Explorer Home
zeenea explorer

Quickly find the right information

With Zeenea Explorer, your business users have access to a user-friendly interface and customized exploration paths to make their data discovery more efficient.

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