Data Discovery

Finding the relevant data has never been so easy

Strongly inspired by marketplaces and e-commerce websites, Zeenea offers smart searching capabilities for data consumers to quickly find the relevant data for their business use cases.

Our Data Discovery Platform provides a multi-dimensional search engine, able to retrieve the right information whether you know what you are looking for (high intent) or not (low intent).


How Zeenea enables Data Discovery

Unlock data value with no learning curve

Get smart suggestions

Gain in productivity

Get a 360° view of your data

Find your data in seconds

Zeenea automatically indexes and updates your data from all your data sources. Through our Google-esque search engine, quickly find the information you need by typing simple keywords in the search bar. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Our platform provides data consumers the possibility to browse the catalog and find the information they are looking for based on use-case specific Topics, past queries, most searched for items, and more.
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Refine your search results

Zeenea offers a smart filtering system to contextualize your results. Either browse by Topic or narrow the list of results by applying appropriate filters such as item type, connection, quality level, and any custom filters you create that are relevant to your business.

Get highly personalized discovery experiences

Zeenea’s platform enables data consumers to enjoy a unique discovery experience. Our solution supports user exploratory paths by ensuring that the user profile is taken into account in the ranking of the results in the catalog. Our algorithms also give smart recommendations and suggestions on your assets day after day.



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What is sensitive data discovery?

What is sensitive data discovery?

Protecting sensitive data stands as a paramount concern for data-centric enterprises. To navigate this landscape effectively, one must first embark on the meticulous task of accurately cataloging sensitive data – this is the essence of sensitive data discovery.Data confidentiality is a core tenet, yet not all data is created equal. It is imperative to differentiate between sensitive data and information requiring heightened security and ...
[Press Release] Consulting firm Amura IT announces a new strategic alliance with Zeenea

[Press Release] Consulting firm Amura IT announces a new strategic alliance with Zeenea

This agreement marks a significant milestone in the strategy of both companies by combining Amura IT's expertise in developing solutions in its three lines of business: Digital, Intelligence, and AI, with Zeenea's innovative data catalog and data discovery platform.Madrid, July 19th, 2023 - Zeenea, a leading company in active metadata management and data discovery, has reached an agreement with consulting firm Amura IT to sign a strategic ...
Key takeaways from the Zeenea Exchange 2023: Unlocking the power of the enterprise Data Catalog

Key takeaways from the Zeenea Exchange 2023: Unlocking the power of the enterprise Data Catalog

Each year, Zeenea organizes exclusive events that bring together our clients and partners from various organizations fostering an environment for collaborative discussions and the sharing of experiences and best practices. The third edition of the Zeenea Exchange France was held in the heart of Paris' 8th arrondissement with our French-speaking customers and partners, whereas the first edition of the Zeenea Exchange International was an ...
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