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April 2022 Zeenea Product Spotlight

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Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of. 

Our newest features:

Enhanced Business Glossary: Leverage your semantic layer to optimize data discovery

For many organizations, a simple flat list of terms and definitions can not reflect all the richness of their semantic landscapes and therefore can not bring enough context to business users to properly understand and harness the technical assets that implement these concepts.

That is why we have expanded the Zeenea glossary capabilities to bring more flexibility and power while defining the metamodel of the semantic layer in the catalog!

You can now create your categories of concepts, organize them in hierarchies and configure the way these concepts are mapped with technical assets. This way, enrich the knowledge graph of your data landscape and improve the data discovery journey for your end-users!

Enhanced Business Glossary Zeenea

 User Management APIs

Ensure enterprise security and compliance requirements with our new public API for managing users. This API will save you time in the deployment of Zeenea Data Catalog by automatically synchronizing your enterprise directory users and assigning them the correct access permissions.

This feature will provide the possibility to create users as well as list, update and delete users via APIs.

We’ve improved our exploration APIs!You are now able to create (or delete) links between different items in the catalog. Add a Business Term on a Field, enhance a Custom Item on a Dataset or even complete your technical lineage by adding the inputs and outputs of a Data Process via our new mutation and creation APIs!

Facilitate file imports and APIs usage with unique keys for all Items

It is now possible to identify all Items with a UNIQUE key. The rules used to construct this key will be documented for all Item types and all types of connections.

This new key will be available:

  • For Excel exports & imports. It will also be possible to export and import all links (Including Input and output datasets of data processes, datasets of visualizations, links between datasets, custom items, etc.).
  • For all mutation APIs.
  • Directly in the UI of each Item.

Unique keys all Items API

Save time getting familiar with Zeenea Data Catalog

When users connect to Zeenea for the first time, they are offered a quick and easy product guide within Zeenea Explorer and Zeenea Studio! Our guides ensure that users can learn the basic features of our catalog in just a few steps. Users have the possibility to start the guided tour, skip it, or come back to it later on. This newly added feature facilitates catalog adoption for everyone.
New connectors!
Zeenea can now connect to:

MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open-source relational databases. Made by the original MySQL developers, it is part of most cloud offerings and the default in most Linux distributions. 

With Zeenea, easily source metadata from your MariaDB database management system!

tibco logo

Azure Purview is a unified data governance solution that helps you manage and govern your on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS data. With automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage, Azure Purview enables data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data.

With Zeenea Data Catalog, start collecting your data governance information directly from Azure Purview!

tibco spotfire logo

In our last release, Zeenea was able to retrieve Tibco Spotfire analyses and the data used in them directly in our catalog. Today, we’ve implemented the latest Spotfire version, which is now our most advanced connector! 

This version now combines visualization and dataset modelization, as well as automatic data source lineage for Data Processes in Zeenea Data Catalog!

tibco spotfire 2.0.0 zeenea
palantir logo

Azure Data Factory is Azure’s cloud ETL service for scale-out serverless data integration and data transformation. Azure Data Factory allows data teams easily construct ETL and ELT processes code-free in an intuitive environment, or by writing your own code.

Start documenting your Azure Data Factory pipelines with Zeenea! Easily identify inputs and outputs with our lineage reconstruction feature.

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