Business Glossary

Enable data literacy with an automated business glossary

Zeenea’s Business Glossary features enable the creation and sharing of a consistent business language across all data consumers within the organization. Through an easy-to-use interface that is supported by automation capabilities, Data Management teams can:
  • Policy Icon Blue Business Glossary 60pxDefine rules, policies, and KPIs
  • Dashboard Icon Orange Business Glossary 60pxDesign reliable glossary models
  • Suggestions Icon Green Business Glossary 60pxGet suggestions for business terms
  • Relation Icon Yellow Business Glossary 60pxView the relations between glossary items

The benefits of Zeenea’s Business Glossary

Improve data discovery

Maximize trust in enterprise data

Increase data team productivity


Avoid data misunderstandings

Add context to your data assets

Zeenea provides a user-friendly interface for Data Stewards to easily document business terms and provide more context to their data assets. Add descriptions, tags, associated contacts, and any other properties that are relevant to your organization’s use cases. Either manually document or import your organization’s glossaries and dictionaries through our APIs.

Automatically map your Glossary Items

Zeenea provides data management teams with a unique place to create their categories of semantic concepts, organize them in hierarchies, and configure the way glossary items are mapped with technical assets. This maximizes productivity, enriches your semantic landscape, and improves data discovery for your data consumers.

Leverage your business terms

Data consumers are able to explore all enterprise glossary concepts and definitions through our dedicated app, Zeenea Explorer. View the most implemented glossary items or search for and filter glossary items via our smart search engine. Our powerful knowledge graph gives business users a 360° view of any glossary term: its description, parent/children items, where it was implemented, as well as its relation to other assets.

Create Business Glossary Topics

Define specific Topics (a collection of assets) for your Glossary Items to enable your data consumers to quickly find the definitions they need for their use cases. The Topics will then be available directly on the Explorer homepage and in the search bar of the catalog.


Find out more about Business Glossaries

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The business glossary: a productivity lever for a data catalog

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