Start your amazing journey with Zeenea Data Catalog

Zeenea offers a reliable and comprehensible database available online, with:

  • Rapid roll out
  • Maximum simplicity and automaticity

Easy to set up, easy to connect, easy to scale

Free yourself from unnecessary constraints

Zeenea is a 100% cloud-based solution, available anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. By choosing Zeenea Data Catalog, control the costs of implementing and maintaining a data catalog while simplifying information access for your teams.

Easy connection to your data sources

Our universal connectivity and API-first approach allows Zeenea to adapt to any system, and any data strategy (edge, cloud, multi-cloud, cross-cloud, hybrid) to build an enterprise-wide information repository.

Don’t start from scratch

Thanks to our automation capabilities and connectors, get started with a data catalog full of information from your data sources and tools you use every day in just a few minutes.

Create immediate value from your Data

Reduce the overall costs of your catalog with our automatic feeding mechanisms and our suggestion/correction algorithms and provide your data teams with quality information in record time.

Relevance and flexibility

User management

Link an LDAP repository to Zeenea and define the roles and responsibilities.


Quicky define your documentation templates and properties with drag & drop.

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Business Glossary

Import  or manually create glossaries.
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Smart suggestions

Enrich the documentation of your data catalog with smart suggestions.


Automate dataset documentation imports and updates and their schemas.

Data profiling

View statistic signature recognition of cataloged datasets, at a glance.

Data discovery

Explore your data catalog
with advanced search capabilities. 

Data Lineage

Import and view the lineage of your data automatically.
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One data catalog, two user experiences

zeenea studio

Document your assets with ease and automation

You don’t have to be an expert to get started quickly.

zeenea explorer

Quickly find the right information

Give your data teams an amazing search experience.

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What is a data catalog?

Becoming data-driven means establishing a information culture that is thought out and organized with processes and tools. To achieve this, the data world is seeing the emergence of a new tool that centralizes these strategic assets. We call it a Data Catalog.

Why adopt a data catalog to be data centric?

Data is still perceived as a overwhelmingly technical domain. Data innovation is only possible, however, if it is shared and understood by the large majority of people within your company.


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Make data meaningful & discoverable for your teams
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