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Democratize data with a cataloging solution that centralizes
and unifies all enterprise metadata into a single source of truth.

The benefits of Zeenea’s Data Catalog

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Accelerate data discovery

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Sustain data culture

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Unlock data value

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Trust enterprise data


Discover your data in seconds

Zeenea’s Data Catalog automatically indexes and updates your data from all your sources. Through our Google-esque search engine, quickly find the information you need by typing simple keywords in the search bar. Our catalog also provides data consumers with personalized exploratory paths to browse the catalog and find the available data & data products they need via past queries, most searched-for items, Topics, and more.

Automate data documentation

Via powerful knowledge graph technology, add, configure, and overlay documentation properties on your data through a flexible metamodel template. Simply drag & drop your properties, tags, and other metadata into your documentation templates and use our dynamic diagram to visualize your metamodels and their relations with other catalog objects, including domains, data products, custom assets, and more.


Create and manage a common data language

Zeenea’s Data Catalog provides Business Glossary features to manage a common business vocabulary that is made available across the entire organization. Through an easy-to-use interface that is supported by automation capabilities, Zeenea allows users to define rules, policies, and KPIs, design reliable glossary models, get suggestions for business terms, view the relations between glossary items, and more.

Track & trace data transformations

Our Data Catalog enables data teams to get a complete view of their data’s lifecycle – from its collection to its use, storage, and preservation over time. Automatically map the relationships between systems, applications, and reports to provide a context-rich data landscape. Our user-friendly lineage graph allows data & business teams to better understand their data, easily identify data transformations, and support regulatory compliance.

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Increase data trust

Zeenea automatically synchronizes with your data quality solutions, enabling your users to view data quality metrics from the discovery phase of their use cases. Our Data Catalog helps organizations make better business decisions by enabling data users to quickly detect and take action on a data’s quality to uncover its trustworthiness before an issue arises.

Support your shift to the Data Mesh framework

Zeenea’s Data Catalog reflects the principles of the Data Mesh – Our Data Discovery Platform empowers organizations to manage and govern their Data Products at the domain level. Data producers are able to manage, organize, and document their own federated Data Catalog and can directly share high-value products with data consumers within the Enterprise Data Marketplace.

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Enhance your Data Catalog with an Enterprise Data Marketplace

The EDM is a one-stop shop to publish, share, and consume the most valuable enterprise data products.

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Find out more about Data Cataloging

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