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January 2022 Zeenea Product Spotlight

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Welcome back to our product updates blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of. 

Our newest features:

Relations graph: explore all relations that link your items together

Through a flexible and scalable data model, Zeenea allows you to create a powerful relations graph of your enterprise-wide data assets.

It is now possible to explore all relations that link your items together with our new interactive graphical component!

Discover what links your assets, concepts and other kinds of items together through this 360° view and leverage the power of this technology to innovate and create value.

Global Audit Trail on catalog activities

Whether it is for compliance or for reporting purposes, having an audit trail on your items, users, and permission sets is essential for truly knowing your data asset landscape. This way, data managers are able to track and trail all catalog activities including the previous actions that were done.

It is for this reason that Zeenea Data Catalog has now made it possible for an enterprise-wide API audit trail on your cataloged items, users and permissions sets! 


Data users are now able to have an audit trail to retrieve all item events via APIs. It is possible to know when items were created, updated and deleted, as well as filter these events by dates (before, after or between two dates), user, scanner (via the API key) and activity (creation, deletion or last update date). This ensures that security and compliance requirements are met in your enterprise. 

Users and Permissions

In the same way that it is possible to retrieve all events relative to your cataloged items, it is also possible to have an audit trail on your users and permission sets. This will allow our users to follow the life cycle of a user and their permissions to fully understand the evolution of their accessibility rights over time. It is possible to know when users and permissions were created, deleted and updated.

New connectors!

Zeenea can now connect to:


Talend is an ETL tool for Data Integration. It provides solutions for data preparation, quality, integration, application integration, data management and big data. The Talend connector is able to retrieve the lineage between datasets that have been imported to the catalog. Datasets from other connections must have been previously imported to the catalog to be linked to data processes.

Connect your Talend data with Zeenea to start documenting your data processes and visualizing their transformations with our lineage diagram!


Greenplum is a big data technology based on MPP architecture. A product of VMWare since 2020, it is a PostgreSQL open source database technology. Greenplum’s architecture was specially designed to manage large-scale data warehouses and business intelligence workloads by giving users the ability to spread data out across a multitude of servers.

Connect your Greenplum data with Zeenea to instantly visualize your fingerprinting statistics via our data discovery platform, Zeenea Explorer!

dbt x zeenea

Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source, NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across numerous commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. 

With Zeenea, Cassandra users can always find the most appropriate and up-to-date Cassandra data! We make it easy to understand, leverage, and trust in your data in order for you to create powerful data experiences with Cassandra. 

dbt x zeenea

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a platform for building enterprise-level, used for data extraction, loading and transformation like cleaning, aggregating, merging data, etc. Just as our Talend connector, SSIS is able to retrieve the lineage between datasets that have been imported to the catalog.

Connect your SSIS data with Zeenea to start documenting your data processes and visualizing their transformations with our lineage diagram!

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