Data Stewardship

Increase data knowledge through automated documentation capabilities

Zeenea Data Discovery Platform provides a metadata management solution that enables Data Stewards to overcome the challenges associated with handling increasingly large volumes of data.

Our platform helps organizations maximize the value of their data by reducing the time spent on complex and time-consuming documentation tasks, and by breaking data silos to increase enterprise data knowledge.


How Zeenea helps Data Stewards create Data Stewardship programs

Automate data documentation

Supervise data quality


Ensure security & access control

Comply with data regulations

Curate your data assets

By connecting your external sources to Zeenea, import your datasets, data processes, and other informational assets. Our platform automatically retrieves and collects metadata through our APIs and scanners to always ensure that your data is up-to-date. View your data’s origins and transformations over time with our smart lineage capabilities.


Easily build your metamodels

Zeenea enables your Data Stewards to build flexible metamodel templates for pre-defined and custom item types. Simply drag & drop your properties, tags, and other fields into your documentation templates for all your catalog items. Use our dynamic diagram to visualize your metamodels as well as their relations.

Ensure a secure platform

Zeenea provides a permission management system to ensure that the right people are accessing the right data. Your data managers can assign read-only, edition, and admin rights in all or different parts of the catalog. Easily assign these permission sets when creating your users and contacts in the catalog.


Monitor the Items of your Perimeter

At the heart of Zeenea’s Dashboard design are dedicated widgets to help you focus your attention and maintain momentum on your work. Designed to give you more control over where you’re spending your time, these widgets support the different ways you work with your data assets in Zeenea. Check the completion levels of your documentation, the most frequently searched for and most popular Catalog Items, create Watchlists to view the Items that require an action, and get smart recommendations on the sensitivity level and additional properties to add to your fields.

Build reports based on the content of your Catalog

Zeenea provides an Analytics Dashboard that enables you to easily create and build reports based on the content of your organization’s catalog. View the completion level of all your Item Types, and segment your Item by Property to create a graph Widget to easily view the completion level of your Item’s properties, its description, and linked Glossary Items.
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What is the difference between a Data Owner and a Data Steward?

What is the difference between a Data Owner and a Data Steward?

What is the difference between a data steward and a data owner? This question comes up over and over again!There are many different definitions associated with data management and data governance on the internet. Moreover, depending on the company, their definitions and responsibilities can vary significantly. To try and clarify the situation, we’ve written this article to shed light on these two profiles and establish a potential ...
Data Stewardship and Governance: The Data Steward’s Multiple Facets

Data Stewardship and Governance: The Data Steward’s Multiple Facets

Where Stewardship refers to the taking care of and the supervision of a specific property or organization, Data Stewardship refers to data supervision. Initially, the idea was that a domain expert would be in charge with qualifying and documenting data from their professional standpoint. In fact, Data Stewards are those who work closest to where the data is collected; they are often those who best understand the different aspects of ...
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