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July 2019 Zeenea Product Spotlight

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This latest release concentrates on the creation of new assets, business terms, and the technical environment in which Zeenea connects itself in the enterprise.

Business Glossary

business glossary defines a certain number of terms that are linked to a business domain. Its objective is to align all collaborators on the definition of a specific term in the organization, as well as in database systems.

Manually in Zeenea, or connected to the enterprise’s existing dictionaries, create a Business Glossary that is accessible in our data catalog.


    In order to establish a common language around data in an enterprise, it is necessary to offer this new asset to our clients – we call them business terms.

    These terms thus become assets, and like datasets, they are documentable and searchable in our tool. These business terms then become linked to the fields in datasets that are catalogued in Zeenea.

    All affiliated fields become visible on the screen of the business term in question.

    New connectors

    Zeenea offers new connectors. They are ElasticSearch, and Red Shift. Release after release, Zeenea develops a set of connectors that will automatically inventory newly stored datasets in your different bases

    We also offer open connectors on Open Data, such as CKan. 

    Deleted dataset detection

    With its connectors, Zeenea inventories and exposes on its interface all available datasets in the requested database. We are referring to our Data Discovery feature: Zeenea detects stored datasets and their modifications in the databases. 

    Currently, our data catalog notifies you when a dataset no longer exists in the storage systems connected to Zeenea. You will have the choice to keep the listed information in the data catalog or delete them.


      Choose Zeenea’s language

      In order to facilitate the use of Zeenea in your teams, our data catalog now supports different languages. Depending on your browser settings, you Zeenea is displayed in the language of your choice.

      Otherwise, Zeenea is by default in English. 🙂

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