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The application that allows your data consumers to find the right information
among all your enterprise’s data assets.
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Zeenea Explorer facilitates data discovery for your Data Consumers

Find the right information at the right time

Zeenea Explorer was designed for all your data consumers, whether they are data experts or business users. Strongly inspired by marketplaces – and powered by smart searching capabilities – the Explorer app allows data consumers to quickly find the relevant data and data products for their business use cases.
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Advanced searches made simple

Quickly find the information you need by typing simple keywords in the search bar through our Google-esque search engine. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Browse the catalog and find information based on specific Topics, past queries, most searched for items, and more.

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Take the most relevant exploration paths

Enjoy a unique discovery experience: our platform personalizes user exploration paths by ensuring that their profile is taken into account when ranking catalog search results. Our algorithms also provide intelligent recommendations and suggestions about your assets day after day.

Interact with your peers and share your knowledge

Share your knowledge about catalog items and their usage with ease through our collaborative features. Interactions between data experts and business teams are simplified and the aggregation of information is finally possible.

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Explorer Documentation In Real Time

Access your information in real time

Depending on your user permissions, access real-time updates of all business, technical, and operational documentation of your data. Zeenea Explorer also provides a statistical footprint to the datasets you have cataloged.

zeenea Explained #3

A Powerful Search Engine

In under three minutes, Ole Olesen-Bagneux, author of ‘The Enterprise Data Catalog’ (O’Reilly) and Chief Evangelist at Zeenea, shares the how and why of Zeenea’s design, architecture, and technological choices through Zeenea Explained Series.

In this episode, learn about our Data Discovery app, Zeenea Explorer.

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Document data with ease

With Zeenea Studio, make your data management teams’ lives easier with an efficient solution for managing the documentation of your enterprise’s data assets.
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Product Updates

Check out the latest Zeenea features, connectors and innovations.
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