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June 2021 Zeenea Product Spotlight

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Allow your data stewards to be more autonomous and get better insights on their data

Zeenea offers a new generation data catalog focused on user experience. Our software enables easy discovery and understanding of your enterprise’s data assets with maximum simplicity through our automated features and customized applications.

Catalog Management

Import Management in Zeenea


Easily create or update all object types (descriptions, properties, responsibilities, or, in the case of Custom Items, the associated business terms), with our new import feature!

Remove Custom Items and Business Terms from their source


Items from a data source can now be synchronized using the new Business Terms and Custom Items connectors. Any item that disappears from the original data source will be automatically marked as an “orphan” in the catalog. This gives greater visibility into the catalog’s reliability and you can keep your information archived for as long as you wish.

Metamodel diagram

Superior understanding of your items with our new metamodel diagram


In the Catalog Design section, easily visualize the types of objects that make up your custom metamodel, as well as their relationships using our new diagram!

Our dynamic metamodel design now allows you to view the details of each type of object – their sections and their properties – and updates automatically after each change.  

You can also zoom in or out on the object of your choice, and even export an image of your metamodel!

    Data Lineage

    Elegant visualization of your data life cycle with our new data lineage


    We’ve improved our data lineage diagram! More ergonomic and complete, our diagram now allows you to visualize your data transformations and check their usability.

    You can also have an extended view of each dataset’s associated fields, and export it as an image.


      Develop your own connectors with our new SDK


      In Zeenea Studio, it is now possible to easily create your own custom connectors to synchronize your business terms or your custom items with our new SDK! This allows for:

      • faster integration,
      • efficient development and expedited deployment,
      • better control of your costs.

      ⭐ ️ BONUS FEATURE : Zeenea can detect when an item is deleted from its data source and also will retrieve the lost information directly from the catalog.

        Data profiling in Snowflake


        The connector for Snowflake that has been active since our February 2020 release, has been improved upon to now give you the possibility of data profiling in Zeenea Explorer. 

        With a data sampling system performed locally on your premises via the connector, you can now have data profiling on all eligible fields from Snowflake, without any risk of exposing your data outside of your IS.

          New connectivity to the Cloud with AWS Glue


          We are constantly expanding our connector coverage! It is now possible to connect with your AWS Glue technologies to Zeenea. 

          You can catalog important information from Glue, enrich and get consistent documentation with multiple AWS services such as Redshift, S3, and soon, Athena and DynamoDB.

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