Data Lineage

Trace your data transformations through automatic lineage

Zeenea’s Data Lineage capabilities enable data teams to get a complete view of their data’s lifecycle – from its collection to its use, storage, and preservation over time. Automatically map the relationships between systems, applications, and reports to provide a context-rich data ecosystem for your organization.

Through an interactive and user-friendly lineage graph, better understand your data, easily identify transformations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Data Lineage Data S Life Cycle
Data Lineage Trust Data
Data Lineage Compliance

The benefits of Zeenea’s Data Lineage

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Automate lineage mapping

Drive better analytics

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Get more context around your data


Support regulatory compliance

Easily explore your data’s life cycle

Zeenea offers enhanced data lineage capabilities, allowing your users to navigate through the lifecycle of their data via a visual and easy-to-interpret lineage graph. Within this lineage, click on any item to get an overview of its documentation, relations to other assets, as well as its metadata to obtain a 360° view of your catalog items.

Data Lineage Data S Life Cycle
Data Lineage Trust Data

Trust your data

Increase trust in data and ensure accurate reporting through Zeenea’s Data Lineage. Make more informed business decisions and ensure quality data by identifying how a data asset was created and where it came from to verify how accurate, complete, and trustworthy it is.

Stay compliant through powerful traceability capabilities

Whether you are subject to the GDPR, BCBS 239, ISO IDMP, or another regulation, Zeenea provides powerful traceability capabilities for your compliance reports. Our platform enables users to enrich their assets’ documentation to ensure the information is always accurate. Create mandatory and custom properties in your templates to match your regulatory context to always stay compliant and view them directly in the lineage graph.

Data Lineage Compliance
Field Level Lineage Zeenea Studio 2

Get lineage information at the Field level

Our lineage capabilities go beyond traditional tracking by tracing the journey of individual fields from source to destination, offering a comprehensive view of how each asset transforms and evolves throughout the data pipeline. By viewing your information at Field level, enable your data teams to work with reliable, accurate, and trustworthy data assets.
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Try our Data Lineage capabilities

Sign up to our Product Tour, choose the trial environment that best fits your context (manufacturing, pharma, ESG, etc.) and access the application freely with pre-configured data.

Find out more about Data Lineage

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