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Zeenea Data Discovery platform enables everyone in the organization to find, discover, and unlock the value of their enterprise data. Our solution ensures you spend less time searching, and more time analyzing and building your reports for your data and business use cases.

Enjoy a unique discovery experience. Get rich and in-depth search results, uncover hidden relationships & patterns, and get personalized exploratory paths for increased data productivity.

Zeenea For Data Consumers

One platform for all types of Consumers

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  • Business AnalystBusiness Analysts
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Why Data Consumers choose Zeenea

Answer the 5 Ws of your data

Zeenea’s platform ensures quality information and enables you to answer the 5 Ws of your data: Who is responsible for the data? What information does the data contain? Where is the data located? When was the data created or archived? Why does the data exist? All at the hands of your organization’s data producers.

Answer The 5 Ws Of Your Data
Find Data X5 Faster

Find data x5 faster

Zeenea provides you with a single location to find data through a natural language search interface, saving you the time and hassle of scouring data sources individually. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Our platform provides data consumers the possibility to browse the catalog and find the information they are looking for based on past queries, most searched-for items, and more. The platform also offers a smart filtering system to contextualize your results.

Work with trustworthy data

Zeenea gives you confidence that the data you’re using is right, and that you’re using data correctly. Ensure quality data by identifying how a data asset was created and where it came from to verify how accurate, complete, and trustworthy it is through our data lineage feature. Automatically map the relationships between systems, applications, and reports to provide a context-rich data ecosystem for your organization.

Work With Trustworthy Data
Speak A Common Data Language

Speak a common data language

Zeenea provides powerful business glossary features that enable data consumers to manage a common business vocabulary and make it available across the entire organization. Create a single location for business semantics and corresponding data, and enable cross-departmental access to company-approved definitions.

Get a 360° view of your data assets

Through our knowledge graph technology, get deeper and more relevant results of your data assets. Fueled by machine learning, Zeenea allows data consumers to better understand their data, easily identify data transformations, and automatically map the relationships between concepts, entities, and events – Our technology understands complex searches found in multiple items.

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