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Boost Data Steward Productivity with our redesigned Zeenea Studio Dashboard

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Today, we launched a new, redesigned Dashboard in our Data Steward Productivity application, Zeenea Studio. Our goal at Zeenea is to simplify the lives of data producers so they can efficiently manage, maintain, and enrich the documentation of their enterprise data assets in just a few clicks. We’re excited to bring a new Dashboard to Zeenea that helps you stay organized, focused, and productive.

With a more organized and intuitive layout, Data Stewards will be able to get work done faster. The new design helps you:


  • Focus on the Items of your perimeter and their completion level, at a glance
  • Easily identify the Items that require a specific action
  • Find your most recent searches to pick up where you left off
  • View the most consulted Items of your perimeter by other users to always ensure they are up to date

In this feature note, discover our brand new Dashboard design and capabilities that were built to increase (even more!) Data Steward productivity!

What’s new?


At the heart of Zeenea’s new Dashboard design are dedicated widgets to help you focus your attention and maintain momentum on your work. Designed to give you more control over where you’re spending your time, these widgets support the different ways you work with your data assets in Zeenea.

An Enhanced Perimeter


Experience a brand new level of personalization as you log in to your Dashboard. Your perimeter now extends beyond Dataset completion – it includes all the Items that you are a Curator for, including Fields, Data Processes, Glossary Items, and Custom Items.

Easily grasp the status of each Item Type within your perimeter, with a quick glance at Item counts and their average completion levels. We’ve even added your icons to help you identify different Item Types. Our completion level takes into consideration:

  • Presence of a description
  • Linkage to Glossary Items
  • Custom properties you’ve designated for inclusion in the completion calculation

When you click on an Item Type, you’ll instantly be directed to the Catalog page, filtered with your selected Item Type and your Contact name.

New Steward Dashboard Perimeter

Discover Actionable Insights with Watchlists


Unlock a new level of control and efficiency with Watchlists. Just as Data Stewards create Topics for enhanced organization for Explorer users, you can now create Watchlists to facilitate access to Items requiring specific actions. Filter the catalog with the criteria of your choice, save these preferences as new Watchlists via the “Save filters as” button, and directly access them via the Watchlist widget when you log on to your Dashboard.

Create Watchlist Zeenea Studio

By default, there are four preconfigured Watchlists based on the Items within your perimeter:

  • Datasets with less than 50% completion
  • Glossary Items with less than 50% completion
  • Orphan Datasets
  • Fields with pending suggestions*

You have the flexibility to delete predefined Watchlists at your convenience. Keep track of actionable Items effortlessly, as each Watchlist displays an item count, enabling you to quickly assess the number of Items in need of review.

*Our advanced algorithms are designed to identify Fields potentially containing sensitive information. You can accept, decline, or explore PII suggestions for your Fields through the Watchlist or by filtering the Catalog by “Pending Suggestions”.

New Steward Dashboard Watchlists

Latest Searches and Frequently consulted enhancements


The Latest Searches widget now caters specifically to you, focusing on your recent searches to enable you to pick up where you left off.

The Most Popular Items widget brings you the most consulted and widely used Items within your Perimeter by other users. Each Item is clickable, giving you instant access to its contents.

New Steward Dashboard Searches Widgets

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