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Optimize data discovery via a 360° view of your data landscape

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One of our core values at Zeenea is simplicity. We strongly believe that data discovery should be quick and easy to accelerate data-driven initiatives across the entire organization. For this reason, we designed our platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to search, explore, and identify the right data for your use cases in seconds. One of those design choices was the View 360 module.

In both Zeenea Studio and Explorer, users can access an automatically generated relations graph to facilitate the visibility and understanding of your enterprise data landscape. In this feature note, discover all the possibilities our View 360 can offer!

Powered by knowledge graph technologies


A knowledge graph is a data structure that represents a universe of knowledge: a collection of interlinked concepts, entities, relationships, and events. By collecting your information from your various sources, Zeenea automatically identifies, classifies, and tracks data based on the semantic attributes of your metadata. Our solution then maps your assets to key concepts to make them discoverable and accessible for your use cases.

Therefore, in both of our applications, data leaders can quickly and simply browse through their assets and their different relations – for preconfigured Item Types, Glossary Items, as well as your organization’s Custom Items in the “View 360” tab of their Item’s detailed page.

Zeenea Explorer View 360 Dataset

Easily navigate through your diagram


Our View 360 module was designed for anyone to easily explore and discover the relations between their organization’s data assets. By default, Zeenea displays the direct relation to an Item – for assets that have hundreds and thousands of relations between various Item Types, it would be overwhelming to display all of them on the graph – and excludes the related Fields. You can display the fields by using the filter on the left-hand side of the diagram.

However, if you wish to go further and display more relations, you can click on the “+” button.

Feature Note View 360 Expand Nodes
To get more information on one of the Items in the diagram, you can click on one of the nodes to display an overview panel on the right-hand side. View its connection, description, highlighted properties, and other metadata such as fields, properties, and associated contacts of the selected Item for an even more enhanced data discovery experience.
Feature Note View 360 Overview Panel

For Datasets, directly access their Data Model by clicking on the “Go to schema” link. This allows you to visualize an accurate and up-to-date representation of the datasets, as well as the relationships between them within their database.

Feature Note View 360 Data Model

In addition, click on the selected Item’s title to view its detailed page to view all fields, inputs & outputs, parent/children Glossary Items, implementations, and other metadata – as well as its lineage graph (for Datasets, Data Processes, Visualizations), glossary terms, discussions, etc.

Feature Note View 360 Detail Page
As mentioned, for even quicker discovery, you can also filter your View 360 diagram by Item Type, saving time when navigating through catalog Items. And of course, you can easily zoom in and out of the graph, zoom to fit, reset to the default view, and use the panorama view to navigate the graph.
Feature Note View 360 Filter & Zooms

Test our View 360 graph for yourself


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