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Zeenea Data Discovery Platform enables data managers to create an organization-wide data culture. Our unique features & user-friendly interface allow data & analytics leaders to build and maintain a reliable metadata repository that accelerates time to insight and powers data governance & intelligence across the enterprise.

With our solution, maintain, control, and manage your data landscape to always ensure secure, quality, and accurate information for data-driven decision-making.

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One platform for all types of Data Managers

  • Chief Data OfficerChief Data Officers
  • Data Quality ManagerData Quality Managers
  • Data Governance ExecutiveData Governance Executives
  • Chief Information OfficerChief Information Officers
  • Data Protection OfficerData Protection Officers

Why Data Managers choose Zeenea

Data Communication Is A Social Problem Data Fluent

Enable data literacy

Zeenea drives timely, informed decision-making by empowering data consumers to quickly find, discover, and analyze relevant data. Through a user-friendly interface that is supported by automation capabilities, Data Management teams can improve data discovery, avoid data misunderstandings, and ultimately, maximize data trust & knowledge in the enterprise.

Drive a compliance-aware culture

Zeenea helps you guarantee regulatory compliance by automatically identifying, classifying, and managing personal data assets. Through smart recommendations, our solution detects personal information and gives suggestions on which assets to tag – ensuring that information about data policies and regulations is well communicated to all data consumers within the organization.

Drive A Complice Aware Culture
Build Agile Data Governance

Build Agile Data Governance

Deliver trusted, compliant, and secure information across your organization with Agile Data Governance, a collaborative process that engages data consumers at every level of the business. Zeenea Data Discovery Platform democratizes data access and enables organizations to curate well-informed data products via a bottom-up, non-intrusive, and iterative approach to governance.

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