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Enhance your Data Catalog with a one-stop shop to publish, share,
and consume the most valuable enterprise data products.

The Enterprise Data Marketplace (EDM) is an e-commerce-like solution, where Data Producers publish their products and Data Consumers explore, understand, and acquire these published products.

Zeenea’s federated graph-powered EDM enables organizations to mirror the Data Mesh at the metadata level and build a global, scalable, supervision plane that is perfectly integrated with data production and consumption processes.

Enterprise Data Marketplace Knowledge Graphs

Key benefits of an internal data marketplace

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Domain Empowerment

Grant full autonomy in the metamodel design, data source crawling, curation, user permissions, and information sharing.

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Instant Value

Avoid the complexity of in-house marketplace complexities and repurposing inefficiencies in unsuitable solutions with a dedicated system.

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Data Discovery at Any Scale

Utilize a Federated Data Catalog, structured as a single knowledge graph, to optimize data organization and search experience.

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Support any organizational topology or technical stack as the company evolves.

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Data Sharing & Shopping Activation

Streamline the exchange of Data Products and Business Definitions.

The Experience Plane within the Data Mesh

Share the most valuable data products

Our federated data cataloging capabilities enable domains to effortlessly publish, maintain, monitor, and share their most valuable data products straight onto the EDM. Each domain boasts its own dedicated federated catalog, providing the flexibility to share their key objects such as Data Products, AI models, dashboards, Glossaries, and more. Zeenea Studio empowers data producers to seamlessly administer their catalog, its users, and permissions, and identify the objects they wish to share with other data domains.

Edm Sharing Valuable Products
Edm Shopping Valuable Products

Shop for data seamlessly

Just like tracking an order on an e-commerce site, Zeenea enables data consumers to effortlessly browse and “shop” for Data Products and other valuable catalog objects shared by the various domains in the EDM. Users can easily request access to these products and initiate an access workflow by providing essential details such as the what, the who, and for which use case. Access requests progress through your third-party systems, and their status is directly available within the marketplace.

Manage Data Products

From integration to consumption, Zeenea’s Data Product Management capabilities enable organizations to publish, maintain, monitor, and share their Data Products directly onto the EDM. Our powerful data catalog features enable data teams to get a 360° view of their context: view the relationships between other objects, lineage, quality, lifecycle, and more in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Edm Manage Data Products
Edm Customize Marketplace

Personalize your internal data marketplace

With Zeenea, organizations can personalize their EDM by incorporating branding elements such as logos, custom colors, and themes to reflect their identity and enhance user engagement.

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