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Search, browse, and shop for your most valuable enterprise data assets

Similar to an online shopping experience, Zeenea enables data consumers to effortlessly browse and shop for Data Products and other valuable catalog objects in an intuitive and user-friendly Enterprise Data Marketplace.

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Why choose the Zeenea Data Shopping experience?

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Benefit from a Google-esque search engine

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Browse through any meaningful entry point (domain, system, app, etc.)

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Discover and request access to the most valuable enterprise data assets

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Track & trace data access

Powerful search & filtering capabilities

Through our robust search engine, quickly find the products shared by data producers (Data Products, AI models, dashboards, etc.) by typing simple keywords in the search bar. Then, refine your search results by applying the appropriate filters such as by quality level, domain, type of product, and any other custom filter relevant to your business. Our platform also provides data consumers with personalized exploratory paths to browse the enterprise catalog(s) and find the available objects they need via past queries, most searched-for items, Topics, etc.

Powerful Search & Filtering Capabilities
Guaranteed High Quality Data

Guaranteed high-quality data

Zeenea guarantees data consumers to shop for quality and high-value enterprise products. Our powerful data catalog features and end-to-end connectivity enable data consumers to ensure the data they’re using is always up-to-date, accurate, and ready for consumption, facilitating successful data analyses & reports. 

Efficient data access requests

Easily request access to enterprise data assets – datasets, output ports of a Data Product, dashboards, and more – with just a few clicks. When requesting access, data consumers specify the product they need, who needs it, and why. Then, a workflow is triggered in a third-party system where asset owners can approve or reject the request and IT staff can configure the appropriate access controls. Users can check the status of their request anytime in Zeenea’s Enterprise Data Marketplace.

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The Practical Guide to Data Mesh

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