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Data governance projects within organizations used to fail due to complexity, limited access and unnecessary restrictions – leaving data managers wondering if data governance is worth the cost.

To address these challenges, Zeenea provides a solution that enables your data teams to find, understand, and create a common language around data. It contributes to an active and agile data governance that delivers trusted, compliant, and secure information across your organization.

Zeenea enables agile data governance through an approach that is:

Bottom-up & collaborative: federating all members of your organization

Non-intrusive: adapting to the context of your business

Automated: accurately reflecting your data assets

Iterative: adapting to changes

Create a reliable Data Stewardship program

Our powerful automated documentation capabilities enable Data Stewards to maximize data value and knowledge in your organization. Our metadata management platform enables Data Stewards to curate data assets from all sources, build flexible metamodels, ensure data security and permission management, and monitor the platform’s activity.


Comply with data regulations

Zeenea guarantees regulatory compliance by automatically identifying, classifying, and managing personal data assets at scale. Through smart recommendations, our solution detects personal information and gives suggestions on which assets to tag – ensuring that information about data policies and regulations is well communicated to all data consumers within the organization in their daily activities.

Enable data literacy with an automated business glossary

Our business glossary features enable the creation and sharing of a consistent business language across all data consumers within the organization. Through an easy-to-use interface that is supported by automation capabilities, Data Management teams can improve data discovery, maximize trust in enterprise data, increase their productivity, and avoid data misunderstandings

Find the relevant data in a unique place

Zeenea offers smart searching capabilities for data consumers to quickly find the relevant data for their business use cases. Our platform provides a multi-dimensional search engine, able to retrieve the right information whether you know what you are looking for (high intent) or not (low intent).



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