For the past three years, we’ve been working alongside enterprises who wish to lift innovation barriers by profiting off of their data assets.

A major player in the metadata management market, we develop a “one-of-a-kind” Data Catalog in order for enterprises to become Data Fluent.


The origin of “Be Data Fluent”!

Our belief? Enterprises must become Data Fluent!

Being Data Fluent means having data assets that are known and understood by all, making it possible for enterprises to transform data into exploitable knowledge. And, as you may already know, it is simply impossible to innovate or create value from the information that isn’t known or comprehensible.

This vision also sheds light on a facilitated collaboration between different entities and profiles in the same organization. We wish to fluidify exchanges between the business and IT functions. In other words, being able to easily express, understand, and work with data.


Our lean startup DNA!

Lean startup methods are part of our DNA. We believe in continuously challenging and improving ourselves with an incremental approach, whether it’s by carrying out projects with our clients, or in the reflection and development of Zeenea.

Thus, and from the start, we put the feedback and priorities of our users at the forefront in order to offer an application that gives a sense of facility, accessibility, and simplicity on a subject that seems rather the opposite.

Our various interviews and exchanges have made us rethink our user experience with a brand new look!

Towards a new era

We are proud to present our data catalog’s new interface meant for data leaders, also known as Data Stewards. As data governance sponsors, Zeenea offers an application made for their pain points, ultimately allowing them the facilitate the sharing and understanding of their organization’s data assets.

Here is Zeenea’s Fresh New Look!