Data stewards

the master of data knowledge

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day!

This number represent a huge opportunity for organizations seeking innovation.

With this much data being generated daily, understanding and exploiting them is clearly a complex task. Enterprises are in need of a profile specialized in maintaining and undertaking their data’s documentation.

This led to the creation of a role named the “Data Steward”.

Data Stewards manage data from their assigned data systems for the purpose of providing the relevant data documentation to data teams. Known as the main contact for data inquiries thanks to their technical and operational knowledge, the Data Steward is most commonly nicknamed the “Master of data”!

A Data Steward’s objectives are pretty clear; he intervenes in metadata management in regards to agile data governance.


The Metadata



for data stEwards

In order to initiate an efficient metadata management, data stewards must be equipped with a data catalog.

Managing data in a user-friendly manner. Centralizing and unifying all metadata. Making data accessible for users based on their sensitivity. Informing a data set’s quality.

All of this in just a few clicks!


Our data catalog, intuitive and easy-to-use, is an essential tool for data stewards.

It will help them:


Document & SHARE Data sets

From Zeenea’s data catalog, document the data sets that were assigned and keep them up-to-date.

Zeenea offers the possibility to:

  • Enrich your data’s documentation with the help of business metadata thanks to our modular templates.

  • Import (and export) existing documentation in third party tools with our APIs.

  • Stop the blank paper syndrome! Our data catalog automates time-consuming manual tasks on these data.

  • Notify users that are potentially interested by a data set.


+ Centralize your data knowledge via a single platform.


At Zeenea, we are convinced that data democratization within an enterprise will change data stewardship’s vision.

Thanks to our data catalog’s collaborative features, you can benefit from collective intelligence on your enterprise’s data. Share, assign, comment, and qualify data sets.

This way, all the employees in the organization are involved in data documentation as well as data governance.

Be notified and track every action of your data.


+ A collaborative platform for an efficient communication between you and data users.

establish a common language: be data fluent

Zeenea helps you to become data fluent. Just like a spoken language, the notion of data fluency must be put into place in order for your enterprise to become data-driven.

By sharing a common language, facilitate the understanding of, access to, as well exchanges around your data assets.

Thanks to all of its features, Zeenea’s data catalog is the essential tool for data stewardship.

By considering data as shareable assets, and also by sharing knowledge with a unifying and centralizing tool, a data-driven organization is possible.


+ Start a metadata management with the help of Zeenea!

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