Data catalog

 Democratize data

With our data catalog, anyone in your organization becomes autonomous in their data journey, whether your collaborator has technical skills or not. Zeenea is the enterprise data catalog where all collaborators can discover, understand, and trust in an organization’s data assets thanks to an easy-to-use interface.

As for Chief Data Officers and Data Stewards, they are finally equipped to build agile data governance and evangelize a democratic culture within their organizations.

Our data catalog’s objective is to incorporate your enterprise in a data-driven approach with the help of its 4 characteristics:

Our data catalog is

An Enterprise data catalog

Create a single source of truth

Our data catalog connects to all your data sources: Cloud, Big Data, Relational, Non-Relational, Stream & more.

It consolidates and unifies all the documentation of your data in one centralized space.

A Collaborative data catalog

Connect employees

Our data catalog allows you to benefit from collective intelligence.

Employees become empowered by the ability to share, assign, comment, and qualify data sets in order to build proper documentation.

A Connected data catalog

Access up-to-date documentation

By being connected to your data storage systems, our data catalog automatically imports and updates the documentation of your data sets.

An Intelligent data catalog

Increase data user productivity

Fully featured by AI, our data catalog automates time-consuming manual tasks and propagates information and recommendations, increasing efficiency and avoiding the blank paper syndrome.

Our data catalog’s features

Connect & govern your data catalog


Link an LDAP repository to Zeenea and define the roles and responsibilities of your imported users in the data catalog.


Zeenea supplies Rest API in order to import and link information from other data sources used by your enterprise. The API also exports your catalog and its documentation in the format of your choice.


Monitor the general documentation of datasets, your connected data storages , or the retention of users via our tool.


Through our connectors, Zeenea inventories and exposes from its interface all the new datasets available and alerts users of their different statuses.

Document & enrich your data catalog


In the hand of the administrator and fully configurable, define what information to provide on the cataloged datasets.


Our data catalog automatically detects and notifies you when a field contains sensitive information thanks to fingerprinting technology.


Through our connectors, Zeenea imports and updates the documentation of datasets and their schemas.


Zeenea can either import your glossaries with our APIs or users can manually create glossaries in order to link business terms to other informational assets.

Leverage your data catalog


Just like Google, Zeenea’s data catalog indexes all cataloged metadata of your datasets to reveal them to you in a relevant way.


Zeenea offers users a static signature recognition of cataloged datasets in Zeenea. Verify the quality and the relevance of datasets before requesting access.


Visualize your data’s origin, movements, and impacts over time. Our data catalog offers greater visibility and simplifies data analysis in case of errors.


The collaborative features in our data catalog allow your collaborators to work together on cataloged datasets. Assign, comment, and be notified.

Who uses a Data Catalog ?

Chief Data Officers

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Data Stewards

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Data Scientists

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