Learn about the data discovery solutions developed by various Tech Giants that enabled their data teams to understand and trust in their data assets. 

We’ve released today our new special edition white paper “Data Discovery through the eyes of Tech Giants” which focuses on the different data discovery platforms that were developed by huge tech corporations such as Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, to name a few. 

Thousands of datasets are being created each day, and enterprises find themselves struggling to understand and gain insights from their information. Usually messy, scattered and unorganized, data & analytics teams are found spending most of their time cleaning up a Big Data mess! In fact, many recent surveys still state that data science teams spend 80% of their time preparing and tidying their data instead of analyzing and reporting it. 

The numerous and diverse data added on a daily basis makes it extremely challenging, even impossible, to manually maintain data ingestion! These huge corporations therefore quickly understood that it was essential to put in place a repository of metadata that automated data discovery for their data and analytics teams to quickly find and understand their enterprise data.

We based our research on official documentation provided by these Tech Giants, which they shared across their corporate social media and blogging platforms. It goes into detail on how these enterprises came to developing their solutions, the characteristics of their platforms, and the next steps for each company.

The experiences of the organizations have largely inspired Zeenea in their data catalog’s value proposition to facilitate the discovery of information assets by data teams in the simplest and most intelligent way possible. 

Get to know the various data discovery platforms for free by downloading our latest white paper!