Why a Roadshow ?

At Zeenea, we have strong convictions around data management. Our various previous experiences and collaborations have led us to believe in “Data Fluent” organizations.  We advocate implementing agile data governance and the creation of a Data Democracy where people are at the heart of any data project.

We hope to share and exchange with you on your or your clients’ data problems; and attempt to find solutions together!

Start your day in a data centric way

9h00 – The event begins

9h40 – User experience – Data management : Obstacles et accomplishments

With 10 years of experience in Data management, there are certainly a lot of success stories to tell and many hardships to share!

Within 30 minutes, we will go through the various challenges and data organizations that we’ve faced in many different sectors (bank, insurance, etc.). Let’s discuss and come to a conclusion on the subject!

10h20 – Breakfast buffet

All you can eat & network buffet!

10h50 – Conference – Data Governance: to a pragmatic and connected approach

We will compare two Data Governance approaches to better position your organization based on its context and ecosystem : strengths, limits, and possible complementarities of each approach.

We conclude this theoretical part by giving concrete examples in order to bring answers on initiating Data Governance.

11h40 – Demo – Implement Data Governance with the help of a Data Catalog (30 mins)

To initiate Data Governance, enterprises need to be equipped with the right tools to facilitate its implementation or simply improve its efficiency. Let’s take a look to Zeenea’s possibilities and its data catalog in 30 minutes. 

12h10 – Drinks & conclusion

Let’s conclude around a cocktail!  

Boissons, Alcool, Événement, Boissons Alcoolisées


Come meet us!

Do you wish to know more on data governance? Assist our conferences based on real-life experiences and take away all the necessary documents on implementing data governance, like our white papers

Benjamin Simonneau

Professional Services Manager chez Zeenea.

After ten years in consulting, Benjamin Simonneau joined Zeenea this year as Professional Services Manager. As a former consultant for CGI Business Consulting and a manager at ANEO, Benjamin is an expert in data management and governance. He brings to the table different industry viewpoints, bolstering client support in order to further develop Zeenea’s solutions.

David Martin

Customer Services Director chez Zeenea.

Coming from data and software architecture, he has previously worked as IT board director where he has, among other things, contributed to the development of data offers, and supported his clients in their transformations. His beliefs are fostered by numerous client contexts he encountered, concrete feedback and pragmatism.