The AI & Big Data Expo Global 2019, a major world series conference & exhibition, will be taking place on April 25 & 26th in the Olympia Grand, London.

Showcasing over 300 start-ups, brands, innovators, and evangelists in enterprise technologies who help impact businesses for better growth, Zeenea is proud to announce our presence on this stage.

Alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, the AI & Big Data Expo will give you the chance to network, interact with products, and be inspired by the latest in the constantly evolving AI & Big Data world.

Do you have any questions about our data catalog? Problems related to your data assets? Any questions about the implementation of data governance? Come visit our stand (#182) for your chance to discover and demo what our data catalog has to offer!


What does it mean for your enterprise to become data-driven?

Our data catalog promotes the concept of data fluencyBe Data Fluent!

It is by facilitating understanding, access, and exchange around data that your organization will become data-driven. In many ways, this acculturation to the data is a matter of common language.

Connected to all your data sources, Zeenea automatically centralizes data knowledge in an easy-to-access and intuitive platform. It allows anyone – with the necessary authorizations – to discover, understand and trust in a company’s data assets.

Organizations rely on Zeenea to meet the challenge of implementing lean startup data governance: promoting the use of internal data while limiting risks!


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