Happy new year 2021 from Zeenea! Better days are coming

January 5, 2021
January 5, 2021
05 January 2021

Zeenea wishes you a very happy New Year 2021! ⭐️

It is no secret that the year 2020 will be one to remember! This year had many world-shifting events, where most of us had to adapt to new ways of working and communicating with each other. In addition, enterprises have had to accelerate their digital and data transformations in order to offer their products and services in ways that adhere to new sanitary regulations. For many of these companies, data was key. 

And Zeenea was no exception to the rule 😊

Despite the turn of events in the last year, Zeenea was able to accomplish a lot of things and stay active in the software industry. Not only have we acquired new customers from all around the world, but we’ve also launched a new product, changed our branding, been cited by various data & analytics research firms, and much more. 


The Zeenea 2020 timeline

Zeenea Data Catalog’s expansion around the world

Zeenea kicks off the year with a portfolio of only French customers and ends 2020 with customers in the United States, in 5 European countries and on the African continent.

In terms of adoption, Zeenea’s platform is now being used across various industries including banks & insurances, manufacturing, retail, and software companies. We end 2020 with having more than 2,000 data stewards using Zeenea Studio and about 10,000 data explorers using Zeenea Explorer and a scale-up with triple digits!

Establishing our convictions on the importance of metadata management

End of March, Zeenea released our third white paper: “The effective guide to start metadata management”. Through this document, we shared our tips and tricks on how data leaders can start their metadata management process in just six weeks!

Our dedicated webinar replay : Webinar Replay: 6 weeks to start metadata management!

France’s lockdown was lifted in May, and Zeeneans could finally reunite again! (All while following the appropriate safety regulations, of course!)

We also participated in the Data Innovation Summit 2020,  the leading data and advanced analytics event in the Nordic countries. Guillaume Bodet, Zeenea’s CEO, presented a conference “Smart Data Catalogs, A Must-Have for Data Leaders”.

You can watch the replay here: https://zeenea.com/project/smart-data-catalogs-conference/


Zeenea catches up and is on the rise

In August, Zeenea rebranded! As we began to expand, we felt it was essential to state our position as the next-gen data catalog with a new identity representing our values and strengths: automaticity, flexibility and ease of use. Read our post about why it was the right time to change.

Early fall, we announced our new product launch: Zeenea Explorer, the data discovery application for your data teams! (logo explorer) This application first focused on data science teams, the first profiles to be impacted in research and data mining within the company. This profound innovation aims to accelerate data science projects. 

Discover in the rest of this article, Zeenea Explorer’s first product advances 👉  Read our Product Spotlight article.

We also attended as a sponsor at the Big Data Paris 2020, Europe’s largest Data & AI tradeshow. We had the pleasure of leading a conference on metadata management, where David Martin, Customer Success Manager at Zeenea, went over the challenges of metadata management and how to begin the adventure with the help of a data catalog.

Content wise, we released our fourth white paper: “Data Discovery through the eyes of Tech Giants” in early October. In this white paper, we go over the context and the implementation of data discovery solutions developed by large Tech companies, some belonging to the famous ˮThe Big Fiveˮ or ˮGAFAMˮ (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft). Click here to download our white paper.


Zeenea making the headlines

While France is on its second lockdown, Zeenea was cited as “The Adaptive Data Catalog” by BARC, the German consulting firm! In their article, Timm Grosser, BARC’s Senior Analyst for Data Management, said he views Zeenea as a young and growing data catalog software provider on the market. 

He stated:

“Zeenea is a fairly young product and has already demonstrated quite a lot considering it has just three years of market experience and 50 customers. The company is concentrating on the core of data cataloging, thereby setting itself apart from the competition, which is becoming broader and broader from my point of view. The tool is clearly arranged for me. 

View the article: http://barc-research.com/zeenea-data-catalog/

We were also cited by the famous Forrester as one of the Machine Learning Data Catalogs of the market alongside other providers around the world. With such high stakes at play, we believe Forrester recognizes our data catalog’s flexibility, serving governance, analytics, and marketplace objectives with a clean and intuitive user experience. 

In December, Zeenea was a sponsor at the “Salon de la Data” in Nantes, where we presented two conferences on smart data catalogs & starting metadata management. 

Lastly, to finish the year with a bang, we signed with our first client in the Netherlands! Welcome 🙂 

What’s next for Zeenea?

Zeenea ends the year 2020 on a high note and looks forward to 2021

It’s time to say goodbye 2020, and hello 2021! In this new year, Zeenea has a lot of exciting plans. 

Our Zeenea Explorer application will officially be released with brand new innovative features to allow your data teams to quickly find the right information and ultimately, offer an amazing search experience. Visit our Zeenea Explorer page here.

Be on the lookout for brand new content, event sponsorships and much more. 😄


zeenea logo

At Zeenea, we work hard to create a data fluent world by providing our customers with the tools and services that allow enterprises to be data driven.

zeenea logo

Chez Zeenea, notre objectif est de créer un monde “data fluent” en proposant à nos clients une plateforme et des services permettant aux entreprises de devenir data-driven.

zeenea logo

Das Ziel von Zeenea ist es, unsere Kunden "data-fluent" zu machen, indem wir ihnen eine Plattform und Dienstleistungen bieten, die ihnen datengetriebenes Arbeiten ermöglichen.

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