gif zeenea brand update

Our initial branding strategy certainly wasn’t the most elaborative…

We first asked ourselves what the name of our company should be. Next, we needed to quickly launch a logo that would enable us to start our adventure with our first customers. 

Our founding vision was to reinvent the way data users work with their data by providing a data catalog solution. We wanted to open up the potential of data to all employees instead of restricting it to a group of experts. In other words, become “Data Fluent”.

Once we shared this vision, which, let’s face it, was fairly concise, the door was finally open for us to get started! And this is how Zeenea was born 


zeenea-logo-bleu-orange-new copie

Could we have devoted a little more time to the exercise?

Yes of course. 

However, this first version of Zeenea enabled us to deal with more urgent tasks that today mark our difference in the metadata management market.

All this time, we have put our clients’ priorities and the technological challenges they face at the forefront. Everything points towards more simplicity, automaticity, and visibility on data assets in the goal to bring more business value.

Three years, many clients in various sectors and some fifty employees later, there is no doubt that our company is here to stay!

Now don’t be mistaken, we loved our old one! Our name, logo, and early messages have all helped explain our promise. And yet, we decided to evolve our identity to state our position as a pure player in the data catalog market.

Today, we are changing 🙂

This is not just about our logo, colors, or fonts. This is a statement of our priorities and our DNA to our community.

As we begin to expand with clients in Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean, we felt it was essential to state our position as the next-gen data catalog with a new identity representing our values and strengths: automaticity, flexibility and ease of use.

Today, we are happy to announce a new identity! Zeenea wants to be as close as possible to its users and their needs. Rediscover Zeenea, the next-gen data catalog designed for data-driven companies and their teams.

zeenea logo animé