Back in January, we announced the launching of our new white papers’ series: “Unlock Data”. Dedicated to data leaders, these white papers aim to act as guides for any company transitioning into a data-driven organization. Throughout their pages, we give you the keys to “unlock” data access for your enterprise, by industry. 

Our first white paper for this series focused on the manufacturing industry, where we presented the main data use cases, as well as the starting point to unlocking data assets for data leaders working in the industrial sector. 

>> Read our Unlock Data for manufacturing industries <<

Today, we’re launching our next volume, dedicated to the banking, insurance, and financial sector: “Unlock data for the financial services industry”. 


A brief introduction

It is no secret that digitalization in the financial world is mandatory.  

However, most banking, insurance and other financial companies are still struggling to initiate a data-driven strategy that allows them to offer innovative services while complying with increasingly demanding data regulations.

As digital services expand, so does the amount of data that is generated. And with greater data, especially in the financial services industry, comes great responsibility.

In addition, the financial services market is witnessing an emergence of InsurTech and FinTech companies that are investing heavily in the development of connected objects (IoT), Big Data, cyber security and machine learning. 

In short, this situation puts the more traditional banks and insurance companies in a major battle that can only be won by striking the right balance between defensive and offensive data governance.


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