Zeenea is pleased to announce the launching of our new white papers’ series dedicated to support data leaders seeking to tackle the new data challenges of their industry. It focuses on the importance of data as well as the opportunities it offers to various industries. Throughout its pages, you will discover how to unlock data access. 

Our series aims to provide data citizens with a useful guide that will confirm the necessity to transition to a data-driven organization. First, we focus on the successes of digital and data transformations in these industries and then, on the challenges they may face. We will then explain what a data catalog is and its benefits for an organization wishing to initiate a data management strategy. Finally, the last part will develop the reasons why Zeenea is THE data catalog for your industry, through a presentation of our unique features. 

Our first white paper of our “Unlock data” series will be dedicated to manufacturing industries. 

Why? Because in the race for digital transformation, manufacturing industries are investing more and more in new technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Their main objectives are, among others, to increase productivity, reduce manufacturing and logistics costs and strengthen traceability. However, manufacturing industries are still struggling to put in place a data-driven strategy, facing challenges such as the difficulty to recover investments and drive innovation at a large scale, in order to respond to the changes in business models, or decrease customer churn rates. 

To face those kinds of challenges and changes, digital transformation has been on the table for any manufacturer executive committee and as a consequence, becoming data-driven is a matter of survival.

Interested in unlocking data for your industry? Download our White Paper “Unlock Data for the Manufacturing Industry”! 

Not a manufacturer? Be on the lookout for our next white papers in our “Unlock Data” series, new industries are coming very soon 🙂