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Take control of your data with reliable documentation


Document your data with ease and automation


Zeenea Studio is the application for data management teams to manage, maintain and enrich the documentation of their company’s data assets.
Designed to fit any organization, our data catalog is 100% customizable  with automation capabilities & suggestions. It simplifies your data team’s life!

Index any data, any asset, anywhere

Organizations deal with a lot of information. Knowing this, Zeenea inventories a wide variety of assets within its data catalog (datasets, data processes, business terms, visualizations, etc.) directly retrieved from your sources.

Automate data documentation

Use intelligent suggestions to enrich your data’s documentation. From your workspace, find similarity detections between items, anomalies, personal data detections, information lineage updates, etc.

Improve your documentation over time

Structure your assets’ documentation within Zeenea Studio to meet the needs of your employees and company over time. With simple “drag & drop” features, create documentation templates for each type of asset in the way that works best for you.
Define mandatory or optional properties, the types of information to be filled in and which ones are searchable. All in one place.


Build an effective knowledge graph

Build a powerful knowledge graph through the set of links, associations and similarities made in the catalog.  It will allow you to improve day after day the semantic contextualization of your objects and their exploration in an relevant way.

Monitor your information with accuracy

All this comes with intuitive dashboards that allow Data Stewards to visualize their data documentation’s work and monitor connections to their sources in a simple way.

Build a leading data catalog with ease

Zeenea Studio gives you the tools to make it easy to improve data documentation at scale. Get your data stewards the application they need to help your team create data value. 
















Quickly find the right information

Give your data teams an amazing search experience.

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6 weeks to start metadata management webinar

6 weeks to start metadata management webinar

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Product Spotlight: your data teams will love Zeenea Explorer, our new data discovery app

While Zeenea Studio facilitates the administration and management (importation, completion, maintenance, etc.) of data for Data Stewards daily, Zeenea's new application “Explorer” is aimed directly at data teams AKA, the end consumers of data in the enterprise. The...
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A smart data catalog, a must-have for data leaders

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Product launch: Zeenea Explorer, the data discovery application for your data teams

We are pleased to announce the launch of Zeenea Explorer, the data discovery application of our data catalog. This application announces the launch of a new generation of data catalog focused on user experience and issues. In regards to Zeenea Explorer, we wanted to...
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Data Governance Tool: Lean Data Governance Canvas

Inspired by Ash Maurya’s “Lean Canvas” business model, Zeenea’s Lean Data Governance Canvas is intended for Data Managers whose missions are to clarify and orchestrate data governance within their organizations. From a methodological point of view, the Lean Data...
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Product Spotlight: new items & connectors and even more automation

Zeenea is focused on providing a new and user-centric experience allowing users to easily discover and understand their data asset landscape with our automated capabilities. In other words, becoming data fluent at the enterprise-level! Our Product Spotlight gives you...

Data Governance and Data from ERP/CRM packages: a Must Have

For the last 3 decades, companies have been relying on ERP and CRM packages to run their operations. In response to the need to comply with regulations, reduce risk, improve profitability, competitiveness and customer engagement, they have to become Data Driven. In...

Data science: accelerate your data lake initiatives with metadata

Data lakes offer an unlimited storage for data and present lots of potential benefits for data scientists in the exploration and creation of new analytical models. However, this structured, unstructured and semi-structured data are mashed together and the business...
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DataOps: How data catalogs enable better data discovery in a Big Data project

In today’s world, Big Data environments are more and more complex and difficult to manage. We believe that Big Data architectures should, among other things: Retrieve information on a wide spectrum of data, Use advanced analytics techniques such as statistical...
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How you’re going to fail your data catalog project (or not…)

There are many solutions on the data catalog market that offer an overview of all enterprise data all thanks to the efforts conducted by data teams. However, after a short period of use, due to the approaches undertaken by enterprises and the solutions that were...

How does Zeenea Data Catalog empower your data teams?

Data has become one of the main drivers for innovation for many sectors. And as data continues to rapidly multiply, companies need to evolve and grasp new technologies to succeed in their data & analytics strategy. And this is where Zeenea Data Catalog comes in!...

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