Data stewardship

Increase your data knowledge with automated documentation

The objective is to improve and facilitate the understanding of your data assets and data initiatives for your new data consumers.

See this new data management discipline as a way to better describe your data, including its location information,  and a way for breaking siloed environments and sources.

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Data stewardship challenges

Operational supervision and quality

Define, and therefore implement, the necessary processes for the acquisition, storage, and distribution of datasets.


A Data Steward is in charge of defining and documenting data as well as creating a glossary of industry-specific terms.

Conformity and risk management

Ensure that the proliferation of data is framed by a collection of protocols ensuring conformity.

Security and access control

Define the rules governing data access and their different levels of confidentiality.

Start a data stewardship program

It is a known fact that data topics are constantly evolving and becoming more complex within organizations!
In an attempt to maximize their value, Zeenea offers a metadata management solution to provide knowledge about where the data is located, what attributes it has, and what it is linked to.

Import & edit business glossaries

Create, modify and link your business terms to catalog items.

Inventory your data processes

Create and import your data processes and view their data lineage.

Create a taxonomy of research

Properties, tags, and many other fields that allow anyone to find the asset they need.

Access to your dashboard

Use a dashboard to monitor the documentation evolution in your catalog.

Curate your data from your sources

Import datasets from the same data storages and their documentation.

Assign contacts

For each item in the catalog, add referring contacts and an associated role.

Edit modular & evolutive metamodels

Define documentation templates with simple “drag & drop” features for all your catalog items.

Enrich your data catalog

Our solution’s intelligence detects sensitive data and suggests additional properties.

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Document your data assets with ease and automation

You don’t have to be an expert to quickly get started.

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Defining a metamodel template

In order for your data users to discover relevant documentation in your data catalog, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions and know how to answer them.

With our toolkit, data leaders can focus on the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of their data!

These questions can be used as support to build your data documentation model and provide data consumers with the elements that are useful to them.

Who are Data Stewards?

Digital transformations bring about new challenges in the data industry. We are increasingly talking about data stewardship; an activity focused around data management and documentation of an organization. In this article, we would like to present the data stewards, the enterprise’s true guardians of data, take a closer look at their role, their missions, and their tools.

This article is a summary of the interviews conducted with more than 25 data stewards in medium-sized and large French enterprises. The goal was to understand their tasks and their hardships in metadata management, providing solutions within our data catalog.

Data Stewardship and Governance: The Data Steward’s Multiple Facets

Where Stewardship refers to the taking care of and the supervision of a specific property or organization, Data Stewardship refers to data supervision. Initially, the idea was that a domain expert would be in charge with qualifying and documenting data from their professional standpoint.
In fact, Data Stewards are those who work closest to where the data is collected; they are often those who best understand the different aspects of data and the standards to which they must adhere to

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