Cloud Transformation

Accelerate and optimize the cost of your migration to the Cloud

To keep up with the ever-changing business environment and drive innovation, organizations are migrating to the cloud.

Zeenea Data Discovery Platform is cloud-native and developed as-a-Service (SaaS) to accelerate this cloud transformation by reducing risks, optimizing costs, and simplifying enterprise data access for your business users.

Platform Cloud V2 50

Zeenea adapts to all cloud strategies

Hybrid Cloud:
on-premise implementations that extend to the cloud

multiple cloud providers, public or private

logical application deployment between cloud providers


Leverage a cloud-based metadata management platform

On-premises solutions are very complex, and are only suitable for a limited number of use cases. Zeenea’s cloud metadata management solution enables better cost control and maintenance to make data more accessible to your users. The choices that guide you towards an enterprise-wide cloud strategy require the implementation of solutions that support the same goal.

Reflect on your operational reality

Whether your information is stored on-prem or in the cloud, we develop independent and source-specific connectors to reference and automate the collection and updating of metadata in our platform. Zeenea was designed as a unique architecture to overcome the limitations imposed by your existing sources, and this powerful technological breakthrough enables the catalog to map the corporate assets connected to your operational reality.

Rely on a multi-cloud platform

Zeenea is THE multi-cloud data discovery platform on the market! With an innovative architecture and dozens of cloud connectors (GCP, Big Query, Azure, Snowflake, etc.), our solution connects to any public cloud provider and/or as-a-Service data platform of your choice. With Zeenea, organizations acquire a centralized and unified metadata catalog connected to the future of their data.

Reduce maintenance costs through automation

Zeenea takes a reality-based approach, enhanced by machine learning algorithms, to support future data leaders in this new, increasingly diverse and complex world. Our platform automatically updates technical and operational information (storage systems, update dates, volume etc.) and performs smart analysis of the assets indexed in our platform (asset similarity, automatic documentation enrichment, context suggestion, etc.).



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