Customer Success

Succeed thanks to direct and responsive support

Our customer Success Managers align with each client and their context to offer a unique and fully personalized support program.

Zeenea offers a wide range of services to maximize customer satisfaction. To ensure success in your enterprise, our specialists are by your side each step of the way, from the early stages of your reflection to the deployment and use of our metadata management solution.

To ensure you better harness and get the most value possible from Zeenea, not only do we offer a variety of online methods to contact us, but we also maintain close contact with you via regular meetings, business reviews, etc.

    Our goal?

    Allow our customers to become autonomous


    Our Starter Kit includes training and services to familiarize your team with the basics of implementing metadata management  as well as Zeenea Data Catalog.


    Support Portal

    We deliver a support portal to maximize your autonomy, allowing you to have the freedom and ease to find the answers to your questions or to be able to ask more specific ones.

    With this, you are able to access up-to-date documentation that describes our solution and how to make the most out of it.


    Zeenea's workshops

    Sometimes, it’s not easy to identify what needs adjustment in order to improve something. To facilitate your journey with Zeenea we organize workshops that consist of:

    • Core Product use and context to understand how our solution can evolve to better suit our customers.
    • Product Design Analysis, to always provide the best user experience possible.
    • Cross-customer meetings to share experiences about a specific theme.


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