The Data Owner

Representing the business side of data

Usually hailing from the business side the organization, Data Owners have the business expertise to assess the data, its quality, and the means to obtain and
control it.

They are the guarantors of the business definitions and associated repositories of the data. They are also accountable for the quality of the data and very often they are the ones who grant access authorizations to the data, in relation to identified use cases.

Their role is closely related to that of the Data Steward’s, who is in charge of providing and sharing documentation within the company to simplify the discovery and understanding of these assets.

Zeenea Data Catalog for Data Owners

Becoming data-driven is above all a people effort! Fundamentally, it cannot be done without the support of individuals: by having everyone actively participate in the sharing and documenting of the data.

As such, Zeenea Data Catalog offers a simple way for Data Owners to leverage their knowledge and communicate about their datasets in a transparent way across the enterprise.

Identifying the experts

Be clearly identified as the business data expert

From Zeenea Studio’s interface, with the help of the Data Steward, identify the data you are in charge of and add your “Data Owner” profile in a few clicks.

Your colleagues will then be able to ask you their questions via our collaborative features. Your conversations will be archived thus enabling the sharing of data knowledge!

Improve the sharing of information

Share data knowledge and obligations

As a Data Owner, add the business context of your datasets and link them to already referenced definitions via Zeenea’s business glossary.

Create a relevant and up-to-date repository of your data for tomorrow’s consumers by including the information and regulations to which they are subject to.

Gather the information

Provide information on your data quality

By connecting Zeenea to Data Quality tools or by manually creating a property via our documentation templates, this information, which is crucial in the construction of new use cases in the company, finally becomes accessible and known by everyone.

Get a 360° view

View all assets through the lens of a Data Owner

Access a comprehensive view of the datasets you are responsible for.

At a glance, view the progress of your data’s documentation level and quality. Go even further with our data lineage feature to understand its life cycle and uses.

Find out more about the Data Owner

The secret of data leaders

How our data catalog benefits each data consumer. Each data user has specific needs for their data projects.

Our metadata management platform offers solutions for each data citizen in order to facilitate their daily business and technical duties. Our platform enables data stewards, data protection officers, scientists, data managers and data owners to achieve their goals.

[Infographic] What is a Data Democracy?

“What distinguishes Web Giants is not the structure of their governance but the culture that irrigates and animates this organization.”

A democracy, simply put, is a form of government where all people have the authority to choose their legislation. Well when referring to data, data democracy refers to all people having the authority to access and understand their enterprise’s information.

Define a metamodel template

In order for your data users to discover relevant documentation in your data catalog, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions and know how to answer them.

With our toolkit, data leaders can focus on the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of their data!


Make data meaningful & discoverable for your teams