How to leverage data assets
with intelligent data catalogs

2019 conference AI & Big data expo europe

Given at the AI & Big Data Expo Europe 2019 in Amsterdam last June, Guillaume Bodet (CEO of Zeenea) presented “How to leverage data assets with intelligent data catalogs” at the Big Data Business Solutions Track.

The new generation of intelligent data catalogs has stepped in, providing a means to pull data and curate them from a variety of sources in order to leverage assets. Powered by AI, they provide automated capabilities to show the true value of an enterprise’s data assets, connecting the business and technology sides of companies.

By exploiting AI & Machine Learning, intelligent data catalogs provide an in-depth understanding of data spread across the enterprise. We will answer the biggest questions:


  • How can analysts and business decision makers understand and enrich their documentation?
  • How do you make them trust these assets?
  • Who do they contact when they have questions?
  • How do they use data to make confident and informed decisions?

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