By choosing our cloud native Data Catalog, you give your data teams the best next generation environment to find, understand and use your data assets.


Zeenea voted best data catalog on the market for data democratization

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Make your enterprise data fluent

Empower your data teams with a clear & reliable data asset landscape at the enterprise level. 
Easy to set up. Easy to use. Easy to scale.

Boost data literacy

Seamlessly organize and share your data knowledge and use with your team and beyond.

Increase trust on data

Get real time insights from your data by connecting Zeenea to your sources.

Maximize data discovery

Increase the productivity of your data teams by reducing the time spent searching for enterprise data assets.


The next-gen
Data Catalog

Create a library for all your data assets at the enterprise level and exploit the full potential of your metadata in just a few clicks. 

Improve data discovery by helping your data teams focus on what’s important: delivering their data projects on time.

What makes Zeenea unique

Be ready in just a few minutes

Our SaaS solution will enable you to be up and running in only a few minutes.
Our wide array of connectors & automation capabilities will enable you to hit the ground running with a data catalog full of up to date information retrieved directly from your data sources.

Automation as a key success factor

We automate your data curation to give your data teams access to up-to-date information. Zeenea can connect any data source to the platform and ensure you have a reliable data catalog.

Start small & scale fast

The automation capabilities of our platform enable our clients to start an easy to scale metadata management strategy at the entreprise-level.


Success stories

Best Next Generation Data Catalog Software

5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – December 17, 2020

“It is one of the best data catalog software easy to use, our organization use this software to create a reliable and comprehensible data base with maximum simplicity within minimum amount of time. We create data value quickly by reducing overall cost of catalog. Our data team will find the information accessed very quickly.”


“LCL started their Data Centric transition in 2016. Our objective is to democratize data access and exploration within the company. To support these new uses, we studied the market for existing solutions, with criteria choices geared towards automation, openness, the solution’s ability to evolve and its collaborative capabilities. With this in mind, we chose Zeenea.”

Dominique Beyssade, IS Project Manager at LCL

Metadata Management

“We see in a metadata catalog a way to map and restore the information present on our lake.

To meet the Big Data needs of the retail banking sector in France, like those of the SG, we were looking for a solution that allows us to automate our processes and easily collaborate in order to fully implement a data-driven strategy. For this, we chose Zeenea.”

Masisa Dombolo – Société Générale

Data Lake Explorer

“We see Zeenea as a way to democratize the understanding of and the access to Renault’s data and thus become more relevant in their valuation.”


JP Huchet – Data Lake manager Renault Digital

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