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Accelerate data discovery for your data teams

Your data analytics teams spend most of their time trying to see through the chaos of information rather than generating value from it! 
In fact, recent surveys indicate that data science teams still spend 80% of their time preparing and researching their data instead of analyzing it. 

Search 5x faster

Our data catalog allows your data teams to search for and browse through your information assets with great ease.

Strongly inspired by e-commerce websites, Zeenea offers very simple ergonomics based on the search, exploration and collaboration of data and its uses.

"The relevance of a result is very much dependent on the user's role and their areas of intervention. For the same query, a Data Scientist will consider certain results to be relevant, while a Software Architect or a Security Manager will have other expectations".

– Zeenea’s Product Team

Highly personalized data discovery

Zeenea enables users to both construct a user profile and integrate additional parameters in the search engine, thus ensuring the user profile is taken into account in the classification of the results.

The profiling includes both statistical information managed in the applications (user functions, team membership, participation in projects, etc.) and dynamic information (search and exploration history).

Relevant suggestions for your teams

In addition to the search capabilities based on metadata indexing, scoring and filtering, Zeenea wants to further support its users’ exploratory approaches.

Your teams have access to recommendations and personalized search results that will enrich the suggestion feed day after day.

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Document your data assets with ease and automation

You don’t have to be an expert to quickly get started.

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What is data discovery?

In this age where data is all around us, organizations have increasingly been investing in data management strategies in order to create value and gain competitive advantage. However, according to a study conducted by Gemalto in 2018, it was found that 65% of organizations can’t analyze or categorize all the consumer data they store.

The must-have roles for the perfect data & analytics team

As it’s been repeatedly said, digital business can not happen without data and analytics at its core. Technology can be a point of failure if not handled properly, but it is often not the most important roadblock to progress. In Gartner’s annual Chief Data Officer survey, the top roadblocks for success were human factors – culture, resources, data literacy and skills. A similar pattern emerges from another study, Gartner’s CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, where “Talent Management” was listed as the “number one organizational competency to be developed or improved.”

[White Paper] Data Discovery through the eyes of Tech Giants

In this white paper, we go over the context and the implementation of data discovery solutions developed by large Tech companies, some belonging to the famous ˮThe Big Fiveˮ or ˮGAFAMˮ (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft).

As these huge corporations quickly understood the value that their data potentially has, their number one priority was to find a way to discover, understand and trust in their information assets for all employees.

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