Business Glossary

Information as a second language

A common business language can bring the most value when it can be shared and accessed across the entire enterprise, increasing communication and decreasing errors.

Zeenea’s Business Glossary enables Chief Data Officers to build and manage a common business vocabulary and make it available across the entire organization. This must-have feature provides clear meanings and context to data terms.

Discover our business glossary’s benefits for your enterprise

Import and create Business Glossaries

Enable Data Literacy in your organization

Our business glossary helps all parts of the organization to better understand a data’s meaning, context, and usages.

With Zeenea, your organization has a unique and central place for importing, creating and managing a common vocabulary across the enterprise. 

Manage enterprise business terms

Strengthen trust on your data assets

Ensure that the right definitions are used effectively for the right data!

Our business glossary will assist with general problem solving when data misunderstanding are identified.

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Metadata management platform

Transform your metadata into exploitable knowledge! Discover how our metadata management platform works and its usages

Data Catalog

Deliver an amazing data journey!

With our data catalog, anyone in your organization becomes autonomous in their data journey, whether your collaborator has technical skills or not.

Zeenea Studio

Are you looking to pursue a Data Stewardship program?

Zeenea offers a workbench for Data Stewards to improve their data’s documentation and thus, the knowledge on their quality.

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