Business glossary

Information as a second language

A common business language brings the most value when it can be shared and accessed across the whole company, thus improving communication and avoiding misunderstandings.

Zeenea’s Business Glossary enables data consumers to manage a common business vocabulary and make it available across the entire organization. This must-have feature provides a clear meaning and context to data terms.


Import and create Business Glossaries

Enable Data Literacy in your organization

Zeenea connects to and automatically imports your glossaries and dictionaries in no time with our APIs and scanners.

You can also manually create glossaries directly from Zeenea’s interface.

search business term

Manage enterprise business terms

Maximize trust in your data assets

Ensure that the right definitions are used effectively for the right data!

Our business glossary will assist with general problem solving when data misunderstandings are identified.


Define the metamodel template for your business terms (description, tags, properties, etc.).


Add referring contacts to your business terms.

Search engine

Check and search your business terms from an easy-to-use interface. 


Link your business terms to other catalog items.

One data catalog, two modern experiences

zeenea studio

Document your assets with ease and automation

You don’t have to be an expert to quickly get started.

zeenea explorer

Quickly find the right information

Give your data teams an amazing search experience.

Find out more about business glossaries

Six data catalog use cases

Based on various client interviews, we’ve identified six main usages for a data catalog:

  1. Search for datasets
  2. Understand a dataset
  3. Organize my metadata
  4. Trust datasets
  5. Discover my data
  6. Collaborate around data

How a business glossary empowers your data scientists

In the data world, a business glossary is a sacred text that represents long hours of hard work and collaboration between the IT & business departments. In metadata management, it is a crucial part of delivering business value from data. According to Gartner, It is one of the most important solutions to put in place in an enterprise to support business objectives.

To help your data scientists with their machine learning algorithms and their data initiatives, a business glossary provides clear meanings and context to any data or business term in the company.

What is the difference between a data dictionary and a business glossary?

In metadata management, we often talk about data dictionaries and business glossaries.

Although they might sound similar, they’re actually quite different! Let’s take a look at their differences and relations.

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