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Provide your teams with a unique search experience within our data catalog. With Zeenea Explorer, your users have access to a user-friendly interface and customized exploration paths to make their data discovery more efficient.

Advanced search made simple

Inspired by marketplaces, Zeenea’s Explorer offers, via its search engine, optimized results based on the user’s profile and preferences. Our solution’s intelligent capabilities also offer similarities between the objects in the catalog and the searches previously made in order to guide the user throughout their exploration towards objects that will capture their interest.

Relevant exploration paths

Zeenea Explorer provides a prodigiously fast search experience across all your data team’s assets. In addition to an intelligent search engine, it integrates customizable exploration models, created by data management teams, that are easy to set up and designed to scale.

Documentation prioritization at the team level

Not all teams have the same needs. With Zeenea Explorer, the display of information will vary depending on the teams and users. For the same asset, a Data Scientist will find certain information relevant, while a Data Architect or Security Manager will have other expectations. Thus, the application will refine the layout of the documentation so that each team has the data it needs, at a glance.

Strengthened data collaboration

Zeenea allows all your consumers to share their knowledge about the objects in the catalog using various collaborative features. Thus, interactions between teams and experts will be simplified and the aggregation of knowledge acquired during use cases will finally be possible.

Real-time documentation, actionable insights

From an intuitive interface, your teams access – according to their permissions – all the business, technical and operational documentation of your data updated in real time. Zeenea Explorer also includes statistical fingerprinting of the data sets you’ve cataloged. Through the use of our connectors, your data teams are fully aware of the data they are about to work on.

Searching like you’ve always dreamed of

Offer your teams a powerful 2.0 search experience. Zeenea Explorer leverages the valuable information obtained on user behavior and profile to offer the most relevant data catalog exploration as possible!













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