The secret of data leaders

How our data catalog benefits each data consumer

Each data user has specific needs for their data projects.

Our metadata management platform offers solutions for each data citizen in order to facilitate their daily business and technical duties. Our platform makes it so that:

chief data officer

Ensure data reliability and value at the enterprise level

Our platform helps Chief Data Officers govern their data assets, and evangelize a data-driven culture within their enterprise.

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data-CDO -min-min

Data steward

Raise the quality of your data documentation 

Data Stewards are finally able to manage their datasets, enrich their documentation and efficiently communicate the enterprise’s governance policies.

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data stewards data catalog user

Data scientist

Simplify data discovery

With our metadata management platform, data explorers, such as Data Scientists, Data Engineers or Data Analysts, are able to identify the relevant data for their projects, understand their data’s context and trust in the enterprise’s data assets.

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Protection data officer

Document the sensitivity of your data

DPOs can efficiently map sensitive data in order to comply to all of the data regulations such as the GDPR.

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Our solutions for your business

Make your data meaningful & discoverable with metadata.