Manage & raise the quality of your data documentation


Handling Data Explosion with effective documentation

Zeenea offers a studio for Data Stewards to manage their data assets documentation and thus, the global knowledge on data within the organization. As data governance sponsors, their role is to improve the quality of data documentation to implement the necessary changes to create a data culture.

Curate all kind of assets

Organizations deal with a lot of information. Knowing this, Zeenea inventories a large variety of assets within its data catalog such as:

  • datasets
  • data processes
  • business terms
  • data visualization reports
  • custom assets


Automate data knowledge

1- Through our connectors, Zeenea automates the discovery of valuable assets and notifies Data Stewards about updates to be made if there are any changes.

2- Zeenea platform uses fingerprinting technology to provide intelligent documentation suggestions on catalogued assets.


Progressively adapt  your metamodel

Structure your asset documentation within Zeenea Studio to meet your company and employees requirements over time. With simple drag & drops, create effective documentation layouts in a way that’s best for you. Set priorities and roles. Share details and assign tasks. All in one place.

Build an effective knowledge graph

Zeenea uses knowledge graph technology to harness the power of all of the metadata you have accumulated with our Data Catalog. With this linking system, you will benefit from precise search and analytics, a semantic data catalog to make informed decisions with connections you may have never found.

Monitor your information

All this comes with intuitive dashboards that allow Data Stewards to visualize and monitor their data documentation in a simple way. 

Improve your data stewardship program

Learn more about Data Stewardship

Why does data culture matter?

Why does data culture matter?

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