Metadata management platform


Our metadata management platform strengths

Our metadata management platform was developed with capabilities designed to allow our clients to create any data usages on data knowledge. Discover Zeenea’s 4 main characteristics:



Built with an API-first approach:
provision metadata from any external system.



Our connectors regularly scan 
data sources to discover, collect & update valuable assets and all available metadata.



Nea, our powerful AI, helps you enrich & manage your metadata management platform.


Agile solution

Adapt your metamodel progressively
to support business user requirements.

Saas solution


How our metadata management platform works

Organizations develop metadata management practices in order to respond to the increasing demands regarding data governance, data risks and conformity, or data analysis. To support this emerging discipline, choose Zeenea’s metadata management platform!

Cloud-native design

Scalable deployment model.

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On-premise metadata management solutions, already too complicated and expensive, are becoming even more complex each day. We developed Zeenea “as a service”, capitalizing on the architecture and cutting-edge technology of the Cloud.
Zeenea’s metadata management solution allows you to better control the costs associated with its implementation and maintenance, and to facilitate its access for your consumers and data users.

An architecture at odds with the past

Build trust on your business assets.

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Zeenea designed and implemented a unique architecture to overcome the limitations imposed by existing softwares in the connectivity of your information sources. This strong technological breakthrough allows us to offer our clients a mapping of business assets connected to their operational reality.
Whether your information is stored on-prem or in the cloud, we develop independent and source-specific connectors to reference, automate, and update in real-time the collection of metadata in the Zeenea platform.


Technologically agnostic

Connect to any data source.

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Zeenea is THE cloud metadata management solution on the market! Using its innovative architecture and connectors, Zeenea platform connects to any cloud and on-premise data source.
By choosing Zeenea, companies acquire a centralized and unified metadata catalog connected to the future of their data.

Powered by next-gen technologies

Catalog data with machine learning & AI

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Our reality-driven approach is enriched by our machine learning algorithms that offer support to future data leaders in this new world that is increasingly diverse, scattered, and complex.

Zeenea was developed to update technical and operational information (such as storage system, update date, volume, etc.) and automatically and intelligently analyze indexed assets via the platform (asset similarity, automatic documentation enrichment, context suggestion, etc.).
Thus, choosing Zeenea Data Catalog ensures automatic maintenance of moving assets in the catalog and a continuous proposal of highly relevant indicators to data leaders.

One metadata management platform for any data source

Our metadata management platform connects to all your data sources, your favorite apps and tools, and even integrates your information automatically with our robust API. Some of the data platforms Zeenea connects to:

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The role of metadata in a data-driven strategy

Metadata become strategic information within enterprises. By constituting a unified metadata repository, both centralized and accessible, you are guaranteed precise data, which are consistent and understood by the entire enterprise.

Metadata management : a trending topic

Applying metadata on data allows the enterprise to contextualize its data assets. Metadata addresses different subjects, gathered within four different categories: Data Trust, Regulations & Privacy, Data Security, and Data Quality.

Our solutions for your business

Make your data meaningful & discoverable with metadata.